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Warby Parker Blog

Tilley Sunglasses in Grapefruit Soda with Amber Gradient lenses

Tilley Sunglasses

These works of art are your purrfect solution to go from ‘meh!’ to ‘oh wow!’ in a fraction of a second. Get ready to turn heads and bask in the attention drawn by these slightly oversized frames and feel like a star. Designed for breakfasts at fancy places, shopping trips, poolside lazing and everything in between, Tilley is sure to make you adhere to the life of celebrities!

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Thea Collection - Grace

Thea Collection Sunglasses

Living up to Goddess Thea’s qualities, these alluring silhouettes are gems for your eyes and perfect to flaunt under the bright blue sky! The sunglasses in this collection are available in Jet Black and Red Canyon – your totally timeless, polished and completely refined companions to brace every weather, every mood!

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Laurel Eyeglasses in Espresso Tortoise

Laurel 17 Collection

This sunny season, while you bask in the golden glow, don’t forget to cover your pretty peepers and add a whole lot of sass to your summertime. For that you will need a gorgeous and alluring pair of sunnies like the Laurel from Warby Parker

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Fleta Sunglasses in Polished Gold

Leith Clark x Warby Parker Sunglasses

Warby Parker, a popular name in designer eyewear, has joined hands with yet another popular name in fashion – Leith Clark, to create gorgeous sunglasses and eyeglasses for the woman who wants to make a statement with her style. Well, who doesn’t?

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Top 5 Benefits of Buying Glasses from Warby Parker

When it comes to buying designer eyeglasses, most people may not afford the hefty bill. After all, a new pair often costs hundreds of dollars! So, even if an individual’s prescription has changed over the years, they’ll continue to wear an older, outdated pair of glasses. That decision can put considerable strain on their eyes and cause unpleasant symptoms, such as blurry vision, headaches, and dizziness. But what other choice do they have, you ask?

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Warby Parker Makes a Difference

What do you think happens when an innovative idea meets three brilliant, business grads? A million-dollar company? Now add a sense of philanthropy to that. And you get Warby Parker- a cool eyewear brand that not only stands for style but has disrupted the entire eyewear industry with its business ideology. Started with one simple need- to provide eyewear (including sunglasses) for people at a price more reasonable and competitive (than the current market), Warby Parker is a name that resonates with every millennial in America today.

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Phipps Sunglasses

21st century fashion is all about reinstating the classic by redefining the style elements of the classic era. The time-honored Windsor is crafted into a grander, modern version with contemporary construction techniques to be christened as Phipps. A lot rides on the material of glasses that saves your face from the harsh sun.

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Hayes Collection

Born in the 1940s, these brow-line glasses, were an instant hit for the next couple of decades and enjoyed popularity in stylings of iconic personalities like those of Cary Grant, Colonel Sanders, Lyndon B. Johnson, amongst others.

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