Castro Round Sunglasses by AJ Morgan Eyewear - In-Depth Review

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Castro Round Sunglasses Review

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Castro Introduction

A.J Morgan believes that style is an extension of one’s attitude, so details in eyewear are important. The brand offers designer yet affordable sunglasses that accent each customer’s individuality. It was our pleasure to receive a pair of Castro sunglasses from AJ Morgan. For the past few weeks, we have worn them and analyzed their style, fit, and quality. Check out our thoughts on the frames below:

Castro Style

Castro sunglasses speak volumes about your personality and style. These exhibit semi-round lenses that will modernize your look and add a sophisticated touch to your face. The fully rimmed eyepiece boasts a proportional acetate frame which accentuates the contours around the eyes by balancing out angles. Wherever you go, the smooth edges and the deep curves of the eyepiece will behold the eyeballs of passersby.

Castro Fit

Smoothly contoured, the frame is unified by a metal nose bridge that offers more than aesthetic value, ensuring strength and stability to the frame. The narrow bridge sits below your forehead chakra, providing a hassle-free fit. With built-in nose pads that are broad and curved, the frame ensures a comfortable grip. Equally proportioned lenses enable an unobstructed view of the world. These semi-round shades are designed to complement any face shape, whether it be triangular, square, or diamond-shaped.

Fashion-forward, designer styling at competitive prices
• High Quality, Injection mold plastics and metals
• UV400 Lens Protection
• Impact Resistant Lenses

Castro Design Details

The pair of sunglasses are here to help you make a sharp first impression through their angular silhouette and the right amount of curves. Angled on the upper rim and rounded on the edges, this unique framework brings an innovative style to your appearance. The seamlessly broad top rim accentuates the lines of your forehead. The soft edges on the bottom bring attention to your cheekbones while maintaining an emphasis on your jawline’s distinct angles. End pieces with a tailored appearance complement the outer edge of your eyes. The long and lean temple arms swirl around your ears, leaving no marks behind. AJ Morgan Castro’s refined versatility ensures that it’ll work just as efficiently with a suit as it will with your favorite pair of joggers.

Castro Quality

The frames are made using injection mold plastic and metals. The process involves obtaining molded products by melting and injecting plastic materials into a mold, then cooling and solidifying them. It makes the eyewear flexible yet durable, and also helps preserve the style and shape. With a focus on unique designs and bright colors, the products are committed to quality and excellence. Lenses are treated with impact-resistant anti-reflection coating to ensure clear vision. With UV400 protection, these high-quality lenses block 100% of UV rays, thus protecting the eyes.

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Castro Price and Availability of Colors

Are you longing for an ultra-cool vibe? These shades are available in an array of colors including Black, Amber Stripe, Green Floral, Tortoise, Olive Green, Crystal, and Mint Green, bestowing a look that’s refined and stunning. Castro is unisex designer eyewear with an affordable price tag of $26. A brief description of some of the colors is provided below:

Olive Green

The eyewear’s gentle yet earthy green color lends a splash of glitz to your look. It is a medium-toned dark green with a yellowish undertone that compliments multicolored ensembles. With the metallic arms and bridge, the rich and warm shades lend a subtle sheen and add a very flattering touch. Dress like a Pinterest star with Castro in Olive Green colored frame.


Black is a rich, regal achromatic color that flatters all skin tones, conveying confidence and authority. A hint of black adds boldness to your look. Tones of black in a matte finish cover the frame with a striking appearance. With the gleaming rose gold arms and bridge, the deep tint on the black frame appears to brighten the face.

Amber Stripe

Amber is a tree resin that inspires the coloration of this variant. Lush and warm, the color is an amalgamation of solid orangey-yellow and deep brown, evoking warmth and joy. The distinctive tones of Amber on the frame with silver arms make it look lavish. These bright-colored sunglasses are further speckled with stripes for a more dramatic feel.


Transparent and white Crystals are remarkably pristine, which influences the coloration of this variant. Peaceful and pure, the crystal emits a soothing glow that is tempered by a touch of silver. With its translucent yet lucid texture, this neutral-toned frame is uber-stylish and incredibly chic. Silver grating pulls out the glitz of the crystal frame. White, much like silver, reflects the stillness and coolness of the moon. 

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A.J. Morgan is among the most renowned eyewear companies in the United States, founded in 1989. The ethos of the brand is based on the belief that looking chic doesn’t have to cost a fortune. All of the products feature eclectic stylings and vibrant colors while devotion to quality is apparent throughout. Named after the CEO or Founder, who developed his interest in the industry when he purchased a 1950s collection of Japanese sunglasses. Then, he decided to establish an enterprise aimed at providing people with what they wanted. After traveling to Italy, France, and China, he discovered high-quality plastics and began his journey into fashion eyewear. Later, A.J. Morgan eyewear appeared in series such as Demolition Man, Beverly Hills 90210, and Ugly Betty. With a focus on eclectic styles and bright colors, all of the products exude quality and a commitment to excellence. The notion not only facilitates affordable eyewear for individuals but also builds compassion in the community. A Japanese marketing scout stated: “the hippest of the hip know A.J.

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