Upshaw & Upshaw Large Sunglasses

Upshaw & Upshaw Large Sunglasses

Introducing Warby Parker’s Upshaw and Upshaw Large – squared-off aviators to help enhance your style quotient!

A Brief Overview

These frames are versatile enough to become your wardrobe essentials for all seasons and occasions. And just like the timeless teardrop shape of aviators, squared off frames have their own story. In 1958, a new company won the contract to develop fresh sunglasses for the US Air Force pilots. They modified the traditional shape of the aviators into squared-off frames¸ which also gained their fair share of fame.

In fact, we came across a rather interesting titbit on these frames. Did you know that these silhouettes were the first to be worn on the moon? Yes! Neil Armstrong was wearing a squared-off aviator when he took that historical step (literally)! A sensational dose of history right in your wardrobe! How cool is that!

Upcoming ‘Shaw’

What ingredients do you need to stand out from the crowd? Confidence? An edgy style? Or should we say Warby Parker’s Upshaw and Upshaw Large?

It feels good to have a vintage element in your wardrobe. And both the frames are made by keeping you in mind – adding an old-school charm and confidence to your demeanor. The latter frames, as the name suggests, are modeled for slightly bigger faces, but are stunning nonetheless!

Now, we do agree that the teardrop-shaped aviators are a timeless accessory, but let’s face it, it’s better to be a little different. The squared off bottoms are just what you need when you want to stand out from the traditional aviator-wearing crowd.

Presenting your getaway to being uniquely stylish –


Polished Gold with Green-Grey Lenses

Your non-experimental yet trendy shades when you want to brace the sun or have no other option but to brace the sun – either way, they work just fine! Infuse some elegance and timeless appeal into your appearance when you are running an errand, trying to impress someone or just want to look effortlessly cool!

Jet Silver with Classic Blue Lenses

The harsh sun demands something cooling, something soothing. And that’s why, you have this frame as an accompaniment to your summer adventures, autumn gatherings or winter celebrations. When Mr. Sun plays spoilsport, bring out Mr. Blue in Silver to combat the temperature.

Upshaw Large

Polished Gold with Olive Green Lenses

The perfect option when you want to make an already amazing day, even better! Whether or not you love the color green, you’re going to love this pair!

Jet Silver with Classic Blue Lenses

As cool as its ‘medium’ predecessor, this piece is the ideal choice when you want to look classy in blue!

Making of Something Fine…

To give you a silhouette that not only looks premium but also feels premium, Warby Parker has made these vintage frames from the strongest and lightest ion-plated titanium, rather than their signature material – custom cellulose acetate. But, they are a genius when it comes to incorporating it in their frames. Case in point? The custom acetate temple tips for both the silhouettes.

Ever faced a situation where you are trying to take off your glares like in the movies (with wind blowing and everything moving in slow-mo), but you are left with dents on your nose bridge? It seems Warby Parker has that covered too. These shades are fitted with PVC nose pads that prevent slipping and pressure.

Talking about the lenses, you get to choose from prescription and non-prescription options. They offer 100% UV protection, are scratch and impact resistant, and provide maximum clarity and color.

The Price Fit

These square aviators are versatile enough to suit any face type. In short, they don’t play favorites. But, just to help you out, we list the specifications for both the frames – Upshaw frames are medium-sized, measuring 56mm – 16mm – 145mm; whereas Upshaw Large frames come in the following measurement – 58mm – 16mm – 145mm.

Now that we have your attention on these eye-catching sunglasses, one thought would’ve definitely crossed your mind – the price!

Starting at $145, you also get a 30-day, no-questions-asked return policy for the frames and a one year, no scratch guarantee on the lenses.

Your Time to Shaw-off!

Proceed this way for your own shaw-stopper and shaw-stunner….