Thatcher Sunglasses in Jet Black Matte by Warby Parker

Thatcher Sunglasses in Jet Black Matte by Warby Parker

Warby Parker always gets people excited about its wide range of eyewear products. This time around, the company decided to surprise us with some classic looking sunglasses. They go by the name Thatcher in Jet Black Matte sunglasses. It’s fun to try something new at times, and these sunglasses bring something new to the eyewear market. They are perfect for rocking your world through any time of the day or year.

Thatcher Jet Black Matte sunglasses come with bold frames that fit everyone. Both Thatcher Jet Black Matte sunglasses for men and women have a retail price of $95 inclusive of polarized lenses. Their acetate design brings out a classic look that is ideal for any occasion. With sunglasses made from cellulose acetate, the sunglasses offer both men and women 100 percent protection from UV rays. The frames fall in narrow, wide and medium categories. They also have screws coated with Akulon and were hand-polished using German wax for comfort and durability.

Warby Parker did a good job when they released the Thatcher in Jet Black Matte sunglasses for both genders. Isn’t it exciting to have eyewear products from the same seller that suits both men and women? Well, these sunglasses come with the style and comfort that gents and ladies want. For the ladies, they go with any outfit regardless of texture, color or size. The same applies to the gents. You can put them on as you head over to the beach, to a shopping mall or to a forested environment.

Protect Your Eyes in Style

The good thing about the premium polarized lenses is that they are resistant to scratch and have maximum color and clarity. After buying these sunglasses, customers enjoy a 30-day exchange or return policy. Warby Parker also guarantees one-year scratch-fee warranty for the lenses. If the lenses get scratches within the first one year of purchase, the seller promises to replace them accordingly.

One thing you should note about the design of most sunglasses is that they combine various styles into one. The Thatcher in Jet Black Matte sunglasses stand out because they give you an entirely classic look. Warby Parker considered the fact that people choose sunglasses with comfortable frames when designing these sunglasses. Irrespective of your face shape, these eyewear products bring you all the comfort you need.

It is amazing how the Thatcher in Jet Black Matte sunglasses cater for the eyewear needs of both men and women. Their cost-effective price is in line with the stylish look they bring out in you. Their design draws inspiration from Buddy Holly. This means that they provide a classic and bold look that is ideal for urban exploration, outdoor endeavors and road trips.

Thatcher sunglasses are effective when it comes to protecting your eyes against blue light and ultraviolet radiation (UV). Warby Parker considered the fact that these rays may cause serious eye problems to you. The sunglasses are also ideal for use in dusty environments or in environments with the bright light that may damage your eyes.

Visual Clarity and Comfort

The sunglasses focus on improving the visual clarity and visual comfort of the eye. Besides protecting the vulnerable parts of your eye from glare, they give you all the convenience you need whether you are undertaking an activity indoors or outdoors. For maximum comfort, the polarized sunglasses allow you to see in humid environments. The lenses also reduce glare by reflecting off excessive bright light which enters the eye.

Frames, Hinges and Nose Bridges

The sunglasses also stand out in terms of the design of their frames and hinges. The frames are flexible and lightweight hence ideal for outdoor activities. One exciting fact about them is that they can bend slightly and return to their normal shape when you put the sunglasses on. The nose bridges of the sunglasses can provide support between your face and the lens. They are also useful in preventing pressure marks that the weight of the frame or lens exert on the cheeks. The sunglasses suit people with medium, small or large noses.

The Thatcher in Jet Black Matte sunglasses for both men and women go with any outfit. You can rock them on with a casual or official outfit. They look good on a t-shirt and jeans as well as on official shirt and trousers. Based on what outfit you want to match the sunglasses with, you will realize that they give you the fashion sense you need.

Warby Parker’s Thatcher sunglasses can not only enhance your appearance but also bring out the confidence in you. These stylish, elegant and unique glasses can also complement your looks. Doesn’t it feel great to put on something that makes you feel comfortable and confident? Along these lines, the Thatcher in Jet Black Matte sunglasses are a must-have.