Aubrey Sunglasses

Angle View Image of Aubrey Eyeglasses Collection, by Warby Parker Brand, in Jet Black Color

Now that the sun is mellow and the Autumn Equinox has paved the way to the warm fall colors, it’s time to add some earthy tones to your wardrobe. And by wardrobe, we don’t just mean clothes but other fancy accessories that could complete your ensemble. And dear ladies, could our wardrobe be complete if we don’t have the right shade for our pretty peepers?

When it comes to sunglasses for women, we simply can’t stop gloating over Warby Parker- the uber-cool brand with the hottest collection of sunnies. The Warby Parker site is like an endless closet of the most stylish and versatile collection of sunglasses, in all shapes and sizes and an array of amazing colors.

All about Aubrey

Take this Aubrey frame for example. A wide frame, in a rectangle silhouette with smooth edges and a whole lot of élan- doesn’t it remind you of the “Me Decade”? We always remember the ‘feel good’ era with audacious songs, trippy art and everything being ‘big’- the hair, the pants, and of course the sunglasses. Aubrey might not be a 2017 twin of the psychedelic sunnies of the 70s, but it definitely has the silhouette in its genes- the big bold rectangular frames. Ah! The frames- sitting on soft ombre lenses, are the perfect 70s take away and your perfect getaway from the sun, storm, snow or rain.

Think of an earthy, translucent frame with honey-toned lenses- isn’t that a recipe for a perfect October afternoon? Meet the Aubrey Smoky Quartz crystal with Taupe Gradient lenses. The smoked quartz looks adds subtlety, while the taupe lenses save your eyes and add a whole deal of panache to your eyewear. Pair these with flaring come-back trousers and a well-fitted top, in solid neutral, and throw on a chequered scarf. That’s all you need to finish your autumn ensemble.

We know there are a bunch of ladies out there who absolutely love the monochromatic look- no frills, no fancy, but simple sophistication. Such is our gorgeous Jet Black Aubrey- in solid black with grey lenses. If those hidden eyes could kill, then let this black piece of beauty be your weapon. Timeless, classic and versatile, the Jet Black Aubrey with its angular edges can fix any fashion sloppiness in no time. From your basic denims and shirts, to your prim business attire, this pair of Aubrey sunglasses will let you make a statement.

Oh my frames

Aren’t we ladies very picky when it comes to choosing the right thing when we shop? And thousands of questions running through our head- will this fit me properly? Will I look good? What about the color? Is it durable? How much will this cost me?

Now, let us help you get rid of all the drama (let’s save the drama for other things). First things first. Fit- check. Available in a wide fit of 55-21-142, these rectangular frames are usually meant for wider face structures, but with the hipster style back, anyone of you can flaunt this.

Next on your “query list” will be quality. Check. Made with Warby Parker’s signature material- custom cellulose acetate, these eyewear beauties are made to stand the test of time- natural, or inflicted by you so you can carry on with your invincible style, year after year, till one day you decide to part ways with your eyewear partner).

Continuing with our appreciation for the quality of these sunglasses, let us also talk about the lenses. These are made with high-end polycarbonate lenses, to avoid any scratching, fading etc. Your entire eye-ensemble is then put in place with akulon-coated screws, to avoid any slippage. After all, with all the glam in the right place, we can’t afford a fashion faux pas, can we?

Our two cents for your dollar

Moving on with our checklist, we must talk about how much these pieces of cellulose glamor will cost you. Good News. These Warby Parker Aubrey glasses are priced at only $95 and the 30-day return policy, free shipping and free replacement within a year, make it a great deal!

With Warby Parker’s home try-on program, you can select your favorite five pairs, get them shipped to your home and try them for five days, till you find the right one!