Stanton Sunglasses

Stanton Sunglasses

Whether round, oval, heart-shaped or square shaped head, there’s certainly a pair suitable for everyone on Warby Parker’s tray of glasses.  Warby Parker’s brand offers the best of pocket-friendly and quality speaking eye wears in the industry. Take a look at some of the eye wears available on Warby Parker today and be sure to find a pair that can easily be incorporated into any look.

You know – one thing is getting a pair of eyewear and another thing is getting that pair of glasses that complement your face in a snap. What to consider when picking is getting that one pair, which gets you and your personality “in the frame”, not hanging “on the frame”.


Sunglasses protect our eyes from harmful light rays such as UV rays; some of them also can reduce eyestrain in bright light conditions. They also act as a perfect cover that protects our eyes from flying debris and other harmful substances or hazards in the air. As much as they perform all of the above-mentioned functions, they also speak loud of our personality and enhance our beauty.

Stanton sunglasses series

Stanton series consists of some beautiful collection of colorful sunglasses, just as you would like to hang on a pair. The frames are slightly flat brow and generous width; with semi roundish lenses that give you that “half all play” look and at the same time “half no-nonsense look”. All of these starting at an affordable $95 price – isn’t that totally incredible?

The sunglasses are available for both men and women so no one is left out. Stanton series consists of the beautiful “oak resin” design that would totally rock your world. The “striped jasper with flash mirrored cobalt lenses” also speaks a boat load of awesomeness really worth giving a try. The blue mirrored cobalt lenses do not discriminate; they keep you looking dapper all day.

Stanton sunglasses are made from custom cellulose acetate which makes for durability alongside comfort and flexibility owing to the lightweight properties of the compound. Available also are prescription lenses made from polycarbonate (a material with high impact-resistance property). Non-prescription lenses also sparkle with CR-39 which makes for maximum clarity and color. Stanton frames are hand polished with the best of German wax compound for three days before making their way to any eyes.

The Place to Shop is Warby Parker’s

When you are making a choice of designer eyewear be sure to look out for the right place and tell you what! The place to shop is Warby Parkers’.

Warby Parker never halts when it comes to creativity, skillfulness and dexterity. With lots of envy-inducing styles on their eyewear tray every season, the brand is absolutely amazing. Each release of new collection of eyeglasses and sunglasses from Warby Parker is always as interesting as the previous.

With Warby Parker your investment is 100% secure. Suffice it to say, there is no need to worry about dissatisfaction as Warby Parker offers a 30-day no questions asked return policy for all frames.

It doesn’t end there – as you place your order, you are entitled to a one-year no-scratch guarantee for the lenses so if you notice any scratch within the first 12 months your lenses will be replaced for free.

100% Protection for your eyes – More than just making a fashion statement with our designer eye wears, it is necessary to think of protecting our eyes, and this is one aspect that Warby Parker considers its top priority when making eye wears. The collection of glasses from Warby Parker all offer 100% protection from UV rays. These harmful UV rays can cause damage to the eyes and are linked to the very many eye diseases.

Get a pair of Stanton from Warby Parker today and be blown away!