Raglan Sunglasses

Raglan in Pearled Tortoise

To ensure that your outings never lack style or sass, we have a new frame to introduce – Raglan by Warby Parker!

The Raglan silhouette has a bold shape with a thin rim and sloping browline. Whether you are out and about on sun-kissed roads or wish for summer days to be here again, Raglan is a must have for all seasons. 

Presenting the two fascinating variants of Raglan–

  • Pearled Tortoise with Green-Grey lenses

There are days which call for a classic frame in a classic color. Raglan in Pearled Tortoise is your answer for those days. Ultra-flattering and ultra-feminine, it’s time to amaze everyone with an ultra-stunning pair.

  • Jet Black with Grey Gradient lenses

What’s better than a pair of cool, black sunglasses? Absolutely nothing! Nothing can beat the charm and elegance of a black frame. Heading out for a road trip or daily commute to the office? Why not opt for Raglan in Jet black with grey gradient lenses, to start your day on a stylish note?

The make and feel

Like all Warby Parker retro-inspired frames, Raglan is also crafted from premium material – custom cellulose acetate in this case. The frame is cut from a single sheet of acetate to maintain color parity, and the arms are fitted with akulon coated screws so that they sit snugly on your nose. Furthermore, the frame is polished for three days with a German wax compound before it graces your eyes. This gives you a pair of sunglasses that is sturdy, flexible, stunning and hypoallergenic.

Talking about the lenses, they are made from polycarbonate and offer 100% UV protection. They are designed to be highly impact and scratch resistant. Furthermore, the lenses are coated with high-quality super hydrophobic treatment which repel moisture, prevent smudging and protect your peepers against glare.

If you are on the lookout for prescription sunnies, then let us inform you that Raglan by Warby Parker is available in prescription and non-prescription options. Prescription ones are made with polarized polycarbonate lenses and offer maximum clarity and color.

The Raglan fit

The Raglan silhouette is available in a medium fit with the following measurements – 57mm – 17mm – 145mm. However, there are times when despite having the correct measurements, you might not be sure if your sunnies perfectly complement your pretty face – they may slide down your nose, lenses may extend past your face or every time you give that gorgeous smile, your frames will be pushed up (not at all pleasing!). So, to avoid all of this, why not opt for Warby Parker’s home try-on program?

If you have some favorites in mind, you could order five of those and try them on at home before making a choice. But if you feel confused, well then, why not take the Warby Parker’s quiz to shortlist five frames? Or, better yet, talk to their eyewear experts!

Once the frames are finalized, fill up your details and you will get them within a week. Seek opinions from friends and family or get in touch with Warby Parker on Twitter or Instagram by using #warbyhometryon. Once your five days are up, return the frames with the prepaid return slip and you are done. That’s right, no shipping charges to try Warby Parker’s gorgeous frames!

The perfect price match

Starting at just $95, Raglan by Warby Parker is the perfect balance between comfort and style, vintage and modern. You also get a 30-day, no-questions-asked return policy as well as a one-year, no-scratch guarantee on the lenses! However, being prepared for contingencies is a good thing, and this is what Warby Parker also believes in. Wondering why we are saying this? Because, even if you do manage to scratch the lenses due to a careless moment, you can get them replaced hassle-free!

Imagine getting a fancy pair of sunglasses sans the fancy price tag! It’s a dream come true now, isn’t it? Then how about opting for these lightweight sunnies for times when you are on your way to conquer the world!