Quintessentials Sunglasses Collection

Quintessentials Sunglasses Collection

As always Warby Parker has unveiled yet another cool collection of timeless shades just in time for you to rock these Springs plus Summer holidays. So, whether the idea is getting a few pairs for keeps and to up your fashion game (adding to your already existing collection) or getting that pair for spring or summer then you should sit still and get ready to be wowed by these amazing eye wears from Warby Parker.


Speaking of “quintessential”, the word is ascribed to a thing or a person representing the most perfect and the most typical or untainted example of a particular quality or class. For this series of eyewear, they are called quintessential because they are an embodiment of Warby Parker’s outstanding skills and are simply the true essence of class and style.

For you who wants to make a statement – here’s your best catch.

Quintessential series consists of four new ageless silhouettes with a touch of modern practicality, simple constructions that are comfortable with any crowd, unfussy yet constituting shapes destined to stick around for a long time. This collection features complementary styles for both men and women – here’s one for your perfect couple goal.

The frames totally spell classic, modern and well designed. They come in both acetate and metal styles. They are super lightweight, easy to hang on and helps you slay effortlessly.

Get ready to be left on the fence as there is so much to pick from – it’ll definitely be a hard slog to narrow your options down to one or a few. Here you go –

  • Harris

Harris is inspired by the midcentury shapes of sunglasses but fine-tuned with a modern allure – so you can rock them on just about any outfit. This beauty is available for both sexes and it is just your perfect couple chic pair. Harris is available in Jet black with silver, Crystal smoke with flash mirrored sky-blue lenses and Oak barrel. Interestingly, they all start at $95. They are your quintessence and just as it is said, would never go out of style irrespective of change in season.


Warby Parker’s Raider series consists of classy sunglasses that helps get that funky look you so desire. The frames are vintage-inspired and the aviator shape gives the right finishing touch to your look. Available in Gold with brown gradient lenses (large and small fits), Polished silver and Rose gold (for the classy lady). Raider is crafted from hand polished cellulose acetate and hypoallergenic stainless steel – this bundle of elegance is available starting at $145.


Here is your all-out 20th-century silhouette, that comes with a few signature details – polished metal designs at the front of the temple arms. Hunt is available in three different colorways – Paloma Crystal (your lady dreamy pink color that looks so perfect for the springs), Cherrywood tortoise with green-grey lenses and Jet black in small and large fits. These beauties are available starting at $95, including polarized lenses.


Abe is just all you need to be on the go. This aviator shaped spec comes with an angular charm – from the chiseled shape of its lenses to the polished metal of its eyewire, simple yet sophisticated. Abe is available at $145, including polarized lenses. Abe is here for grabs in two colorways – Polished Silver with Vintage Blue lenses and Gold with Green-Grey lenses. Both sexes can rock this designer crafted from hypoallergenic stainless steel and hand-polished cellulose acetate.

There is just so much to appreciate about the brand

Whether its the brand’s heart-warming philosophy of “give one pair of glasses to the needy for every pair sold” or the style and pricing of designer eyewear – you are immediately drawn to the brand.

Speaking of quality and reliability, you’ve got it all in one. All sunglasses from Warby Parker are crafted from the best available materials – hand-polished cellulose acetate and feature scratch-resistant lenses that not only make for quality but gives you 100% protection from UV rays.

Some of the eyewear from the “quintessential series” come in both large and small fits so you don’t have to worry about getting it all wrong with the shape of your face.

Well if you are still bothered – you can try the much available “five days home try on” option for glasses. Here, you get the glasses delivered to you at home for free before committing – isn’t that mind-blowing? This option is available for all quintessential pairs.

You are also entitled to free shipping and free returns on every unsatisfied order. There is a 30-day, hassle-free return or exchange policy, as well as a one-year (first 12 months), guarantee for lenses replacement if for any reason a scratch is found on the lenses.

With Warby Parker, only good things await you – Why don’t you get your QUINTESSENCE today!