Phipps Sunglasses

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Sunglass substance

What’s common between Lennon, Roosevelt, Stalin & Gandhi? Well, of course, they were legends. Wise men, philosophers, activists, reformers, alright. But what is that one particular thing that you cannot miss about them? Think…Here’s a hint- they all wore one similar thing. The Windsor glasses of course- the round rimmed eyeglasses that were their signature style and became synonymous to their personalities.

Phipp Preface

19th century America was a period of innovation one that would be defined later in history as “vintage” and become a benchmark for art and lifestyle even 200 years later. One would be surprised how eyeglasses were an important fashion accessory (besides the necessity of course) in the good ol’ days. Remember the pince nez? Or the monocles? And then came Windsor. Also called ‘granny glasses’, these antique frames saw evolution across decades, across borders – from Teddy Roosevelt’s industrial America to Gandhi’s independent India and Lennon’s united world of music- the Windsor glasses have stood the test of time. As a connoisseur of all things classic, and designer of premium glasses, Warby Parker brought back those days to millennial fashion with the Phipps sunglasses.

21st century fashion is all about reinstating the classic by redefining the style elements of the classic era. The time-honored Windsor is crafted into a grander, modern version with contemporary construction techniques to be christened as Phipps. A lot rides on the material of glasses that saves your face from the harsh sun. The original Windsor glasses were made of tortoise shell, gold and other metals. But since we live in a time where animal welfare and our own are more precious than the preciousness of metals, the Phipps sunglasses are made using state-of-the-art materials.

The same round, oversized glasses are now hand-wrapped in premium cellulose acetate and sit on an ion-plated Japanese titanium frame, unlike the thin, wire frames of its ancient counterpart- befitted for the blue streak millennial man. Yet, the light weight of the frames is maintained, so you hardly feel you are wearing glasses (that’s the whole idea, isn’t it?). That’s one thing you don’t have to worry about. Just to add a little vintage vanity to these glasses, Warby Parker Phipps are packed in a custom leather hard case for you to carry your class comfortably, mister! The PVC nose pads, add a little twist to the classic tale and some modern sensibility to these glasses. After all, you need to keep your precious sunglasses from the occasional slip-n-slide-away situation. And the premium polarized lenses give you 100% UV protection, (without the cliché).

Fit to frame

This is a 21st century version of the original tortoise shell (without harming the poor little creatures) in traditional brown lenses (that’s how sunglasses were meant to be originally). Does the sharp, flawless fashion of the 19th century appeal to you? Then these glasses are definitely for you.

The Phipps sunglasses come in medium fit with a 53-19-140 frame, and suits any face type, shape or personality- crooner, philosopher or philanthropist.

The Windsor sunglasses have adorned the faces of unforgettable names in the history of mankind- from Groucho Marx, Ernest Hemingway to revolutionary icons like John Lennon and to modern celebrities like David Letterman. So, who do you want to be? Made with the perfect blend of old aesthetics and contemporary utilitarian style, Warby Parker Phipps sunglasses come in two variants.

  • Charcoal Grey with Vintage Blue lenses

A modern retake on the classic with colored lenses in a vintage blue tint. If you believe in old charm with a new ideology, these are the sunglasses for you. Bring out the gentleman in you, adorned with the right amount of finesse and charm.

  • Striped Sassafras with Classic Brown lenses

This is a 21st century version of the original tortoise shell (without harming the poor little creatures) in traditional brown lenses (that’s how sunglasses were meant to be originally). Does the sharp, flawless fashion of the 19th century appeal to you? Then these glasses are definitely for you.

Phipp it up!

It’s always the season for Phipps when you flaunt your sunglasses from spring through summer, fall or winter- practically, all the year round. Romanticize your sunwear with the right outfit. Go traditional with an argyle sweater over a formal shirt and side swept hair, to complete the Ivy League look and be the cool nerd. You could also contradict convention by pairing your Phipps with a polo shirt and a casual jacket- a total steal for that much-awaited dinner or an evening out for a play in town. Sport this evergreen style statement wherever you go- work, leisure or holidays.

Of time and money

Classic is costly and it should be. Not because it needs a tag but because one needs to understand its worth. The Warby Parker’s promise of class and elegance comes for a generous $195, a price that is much less than the worth of these sunglasses steeped in rich history. Warby Parker also offers a 30-day “no-questions-asked” return policy for all sunglasses along with a one-year guarantee on lenses. Need you ask more?

Amidst the daily rush of your clockwork’d life, take a pause, slow down and let yourself go back in time, when life was a little less rushed, and class mattered more than anything. Even if it’s momentary, indulge in time travel with Warby Parker Phipps.