Margot Sunglasses For Women

Margot Sunglasses For Women

A typical wardrobe comprises of more than just clothes and footwear alone; a pair of eyewear, either sunglasses or eyeglasses is considered essential. Even after picking out that pair of sandals or shoes that are matched with your outfit and donned the perfect hat on – you could still be subject to a little quibble.

Never mind there’s just one bit left out – hang on that dazzling pair of glasses to compliment that outfit and trust me you would look even more gorgeous. Well, if you still do not have any eyewear in your wardrobe, then you need to read further to find out the best place you can get you some fine pair of eyewear.

Warby Parker has some of the most exciting collection of sunglasses and eyeglasses for every season and occasion. Each eyewear from Warby Parker has got this “spark” and “dazzle” that goes a long way in complementing your outfit and enhancing your appearance.


Sunglasses are not to be tagged “summer essentials” only; they are great and go along with different outfits, fit for every season – hence a wardrobe essential. Whether you are biking, driving, hiking or doing just about any outdoor activity, do well to strap on a pair of sunglasses with polarized lenses (one which Warby Parker offers). This is because polarized sunglass lenses are designed in such a way that they filter the vision from very reflective surfaces like asphalt, water etc; giving protection to your eyes.

Margot series

The Margot series consists of amazing sunglasses basically for women only. As much as these glasses make you look great they also offer your eyes some level of protection from harmful rays (100% UV protection).

These sunglasses series consist of  the adorable Marzipan Tortoise with Classic Grey lenses. The blend of the tortoise hue on the frames and grey on the lenses makes it classic. The oversized round lenses that slope upwardly around the brow area, creates a perfect and unconventional allure. The frames are hand-polished for three days with a German wax compound that gives it a distinctive texture. Available also are narrow, medium, and wide frames to help you find your most comfortable pair to suit your face.

With a pair of the Margot sunglasses on, you’d look effortlessly cool – “trick is” – get them on your eyes and hit the road, it’s pretty much that simple! For style, you can’t beat a pair of Warby Parker’s Margot sunglasses.

The best is what you get

Warby Parker is an all in one package – The designs, style, quality and value have no match in the industry. Warby Parker’s Margot series are a chic collection, perfect for the modern woman; featuring vintage-inspired frames and adding a touch of retro to your glamour.

It gets better

Tell you what! You can get yourself this smart, expensive and sophisticated look for a reasonably fair price – ask that guy over there. It starts at $95 per pair including prescription glasses.

Please don’t get me started on the quality. The glasses from Warby Parker are built with the best of anti-scratch resistance material; you do not need to bother about your lenses hitting on concrete or sand because you’ll be left with no scratch on it. Speaking of more durability, the glasses are made from cellulose acetate (highest standard material for glasses) and the screws are akulon-coated.

With Warby Parker, your glasses speak your style and worth. Get this flattering pair of sunglasses today and have no regrets!!!