Leith Clark x Warby Parker Sunglasses

Fleta Sunglasses in Polished Gold

“A woman with good shoes is never ugly”- Chanel

And a woman with good sunglasses is a lady extraordinaire! You might be the fiercely feminist millennial woman but you are a lady nevertheless. Wonder Woman a moment, Cinderella the next. Fighting with your intellect and wooing with your charm. And Warby Parker celebrates this multi-faceted ‘you’ with a style statement, so proudly feminine.

Dear ladies, embrace the Leith Clark collection from Warby Parker- the perfect eye wear for the 21st century woman- ladylike, sublime and sophistication unlimited.

The Collaboration

Warby Parker, a popular name in designer eyewear, has joined hands with yet another popular name in fashion – Leith Clark, to create gorgeous sunglasses and eyeglasses for the woman who wants to make a statement with her style. Well, who doesn’t? This perfect amalgamation of fine constructions, mixed materials and exposed screws with svelte designs and exquisite filigree work, makes this collection a class apart, giving a ‘Leith’ touch to the eyewear.

About Leith Clark

Inimitable stylist, fashionista and fashion editor of Violet magazine, Leith Clark has been associated with famous titles in fashion- Vanity Fair, Harper Bazaar, Vogue(UK) and the likes. Working with celebrities and fashion moguls, Leith has carved her niche with subtle and quirky aesthetics and become synonymous with abstract modern. The Warby Parker collection showcases her signature contemporary style, blended with classic designs. Reimagine the woman in you with an old-world charm and the modern mystique.

The Woman in You

With a vintage renaissance of elegant style, no one fits in but rather make the sunglasses fit. The Hayes sunglasses come in a wide fit frame in measurements of 51-21-145, and can perfectly highlight any handsome face out there- round, oval or rectangular.

Style Speak

Are you a refined, young woman with the poise and grace of a princess? Or the hot-headed, femme fatale, challenging the world with all guns blazing? Or the introverted, sombre soul, who loves her own space? Whoever you are, there’s a pair of eyewear that will accentuate your personality and highlight your aura!


All frills and fancy, Fleta is for the whimsical creature of fantasy. With a polished gold foundation, an impressive winged brow-line, and a meticulously filigreed bridge, this dainty little thing is your bestie for every adventure. Whether you are out on your metal horses, soaking the sun or complementing the savoir faire of a morning derby, The Warby Parker Fleta will bring out your best bold and beautiful.


Imagine yourself wound back in time, bedecked in vintage charm- the flannel dress, the cat’s eye glasses, strutting in your high heels, down the boulevard of urban dreams! Fancy, isn’t it? Zelda is your companion for the journey back in time. See the world in myriad colors through these rose gradient lenses. The two-toned Zelda sunglasses in crystal and taupe, in the classic cat’s eye frame, come with a polished gold bridge- impeccably distinct, yet demure. These frames are also available for prescription glasses, so you can be consistently fashionable, at home, work or on your expeditions.


Audacious and adventurous, Valda in jet black and gold is for the fearlessly feminine. The fine filigree work with leaf engravings on the temple and the arm, makes these sunglasses a piece of art. A perfect marriage of classic and modern, sophistication and edgy, the Valda sunglasses is the ultimate accessory to raise your glamour quotient.


This rimless, polished gold frame with round, lavender gradient lenses, Lilia is for the ladies who want to add an extra dose of neatness to their features. With the signature Leith Clark filigree on the temple and the angular bridge, Lilia comes in a narrow fit and apt for any occasion, any season.


A fine blend of delicate and bold, the Oriel sunglasses from the Leith Clark collection are truly masterpieces. A prominent brow-line, embellished with dressy filigree details, in a polished gold frame with exposed screws, these sunglasses are a sure head-turner. Available in a medium fit, these shades in lavender gradient lenses are for the ones who love to see the world in a rosy hue.


A Wednesday for every day. These classic cat’s eye frames from Warby Parker are finely designed with polished gold titanium arms adorned with subtle filigree. Available in Oak Barrel and Jet Black, Wednesday eye glasses are flattering to your face, especially with a narrow fit. But nothing stops you from being your best beautiful, so, draw the world’s attention to your peepers with these beauties, no matter who you are, you’re precious!

Our Two-cents for the Dollar

Beauty is priceless and class is timeless. If we must put a price, it’s only because it’s the worth of elevating your glamour and adding to your feminine sophistication. The Leith Clark collection from Warby Parker is valued at starting $145, a price that’s negligible against your gorgeousness. 

Sunglasses are not meant for hiding from the world but to make the world turn its head to you, every time, you are out there.  As Coco Chanel once said, “Every day is a fashion show and the world is a runway”. So, go girl, rule the ramp, add the frills, be fanciful, kill with your charm, and shine bright like a diamond; just don’t forget to shield those lovely eyes, because you are born to be beautiful!

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