Griffin Sunglasses for Men and Women

Griffin Sunglasses for Men and Women

When the temperatures start to rise, don a pair of sunnies from Warby Parker and in that way you will be able to look at your world with just the right amount of shade.

Now – far from functionality, sunglasses are without a single element of doubt a high fashion item in our society today and this status is evident in the various designs and high level of craft involved in the industry. From stylish frames to uniquely shaped lenses, impressive silhouette, imprinted brand logos on products, classic designs and constant style update to suit the trend, it goes to show the daily increase in the fashion appeal and not in the functional standpoint of sunglasses. However, only a few eyewear brands such as Warby Parker are still bent on providing the market with sophisticated yet function oriented eyewear.

Thing is – Our eyes are extremely light sensitive and can be damaged by over exposure to excessive radiation. Here is where sunglasses come in handy and sunglasses like Warby Parkers’ Griffin are equipped with light filtering lenses that protect the eyes from excessive sunlight and give 100% protection from UV rays.

Griffin Sunglasses

The Griffin sunglasses series is available in jet-black matte with green-grey lenses. The combination of the black frame and dark shade lenses adds a cool look to your style. Available also is the Blonde Tortoise with Classic Brown lenses. The tortoiseshell gives an ageless, chic, sophisticated feel and suits just about any look.

These sunglasses available for men and women can be your fashion statement for any occasion, whether formal or something more casual. Moreover, the good thing is – the frames are designed with larger faces in mind, so you do not have to worry about fit. Inspired by the classic aviator shape, griffin sunglass has a sharp keyhole bridge that sets off the oversized teardrop eye frame.

These sunglasses are crafted from hand-polished, single sheet of cellulose acetate (to maintain color parity) and are equipped with scratch-resistant lenses for durability. The Akulon-coated screws keep your precious glasses firmer and right in their place, so you get the most comfortable fit.

When it comes to the lenses, know that you get nothing but the best from Warby Parker.  The premium-polarized lenses are made from CR-39 for maximum clarity and color so that you enjoy every shade and hue in your world, as it does not alter color. Prescription lenses are made with polarized polycarbonate materials that are highly resistant to impact.

It doesn’t End in Quality

It would interest you to discover how reasonably priced Warby Parker’s designer sunglasses are. The whole range of griffin sunglasses are all available for $95 only, including polarized lenses.

There is also a 30-day, hassle-free return or exchange policy attached to every order, as well as a one-year no scratch guarantee for lenses; so if you notice any scratch within the first 12 months, you’ll get a free replacement. Now, this is one deal you wouldn’t want to miss for anything in the world !

So shop right – shop Warby Parker!