Fisher Sunglasses for Men and Women

Angle View Image of Fisher Sunglasses Collection, by Warby Parker Brand, in Brushed Ink Color

As much as it has not been scientifically proven true, no one contends the fact that sunglasses add a touch of sleekness to just about any look.  So, if you are looking at taking your game up a few notches with a new pair of sunnies or you are just lacking in the shades department probably because you misplaced your old pair, then the best place to shop is Warby Parker. 

Warby Parker is a New York based brand that specializes in making the trendiest, impeccably crafted designer eye wears at an affordable price.  Concurrently catering for the vision of less privileged communities based on their simple philosophy of “buy a pair give a pair”, which means that for every pair sold another pair goes to charity for vision support.

Fisher Sunglasses

Are you in need of a pair of head-turning sunglasses that would walk into the room before you do? Warby Parker’s Fisher unisex sunglasses would get you right on that track. The brilliant silhouette and overall design is one that would appeal to any style/ class-minded individual who is set to rock tops on their game. They add a whole lot of charisma and aura to your persona as what they speak about you is all but shabby. You can rock them on your favorite denims, your beach shorts or just about any casual or conversely sophisticated outfit.

Fisher sunglasses series from Warby Parker can instantly transform you from a fashion victim to a dandy within a split second. In addition, these pair of sunglasses are up for grabs for both men and women. Which means everyone has an opportunity to feel cool, confident and flamboyantly stylish under the sun and just about anywhere.

 Fisher sunglasses are available in brushed ink with classic grey lenses. The grey lenses and the outstanding top brow bar detail goes on to cinch the glamorous look. They are certainly a display of Warby Parker’s craftiness and unbeatable record of creativity and are available starting at $145, including polarized lenses.

Here’s what you get

A chic designer eyewear made from custom cellulose acetate, the best material available in the market. An ultra-lightweight frame made from titanium with pronounced end pieces, round lenses and a striking brow bar.  Fisher sunglasses are also equipped with scratched resistance lenses that provide 100% protection to the eye from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Shop with Warby Parker – shop with confidence

Warby Parker takes great pride in offering one of the best and most satisfactory online shopping services ever. Customer satisfaction is the top priority of this amazing brand! When you shop with Warby Parker, you shop secured as your money is protected and you get what you pay for. However, in any case, if you are not satisfied, there is a 30-day return or exchange policy so you can hinge on that or more so, try out their 5 days try at home for free option.

As if that is not enough – every purchase is entitled to a one year no scratch guarantee for lenses so if you notice any scratch on your lenses within the period of one year, you are entitled to a brand-new lens. Want to try out the Fisher Sunglasses?