Warby Parker Jennings


The best part of millennial fashion is probably the fact that styling is not gender biased anymore. Look at all the unisex accessories- watches, headwear, bags, shoes, and even sunglasses, for that matter. And we believe it’s kind of a great idea to create the same thing for both the sexes because making a fashion statement is about how well you carry yourself and make it your signature, whether you are a man or a woman. Now as far as glasses are concerned, despite a few gender specific styles like the cat’s eye for women or the clubmaster for men, new age designers like Warby Parker are breaking all conventions about eye accessories.

Look at this pair of sunglasses from one of the trendiest eye wear brands- Jennings from Warby Parker. Made in the same design, material, and sizes, these sunglasses are equally perfect for the millennial man and woman to define a prominent style statement. A perfect pair for the perfect pair- sunglasses you and your partner could wear together!

A Frame for All

A frame for all, as the brand attributes to Jennings, these sunnies are made with custom cellulose acetate- a signature material of Warby Parker, used to craft their prescription glasses as well as sunglasses. The curved brow-line makes it suitable for any face shape or type while the keyhole nose bridge, makes it sit perfectly. The medium shape of Jennings is probably one of the reasons that these sunglasses are aptly unisex. Need for a killer eye accessory to stand out in any situation? A pair of Jennings is all you need to make a statement. Whether you want to get a little experimental with your outdoor adventures or stick to your daily daytime activities, don these sunnies and go about your day!

All Jennings glasses, for both men and women, are made in wide fit in the measurements of 53-19-145.

Awesome Twosome

The versatile Jennings sunglasses come in two distinct options- each made to precision so you are downright flawless with your style, every time you are out there.

Beach Glass with Classic Grey Lenses

As rightly named, these crystal-clear frames can be your companion for a day on the beach. Whether you are lazing by the riverside, soaking the sun on a boat or spending the afternoon fishing, these lovely Jennings sunglasses are just about right for any outdoor occasion. The grey lenses not only keep your eyes off the UV rays but also add a subtlety to your attire, yet the right amount of sharpness to your persona. Pair them with boat shoes or flip flops, shorts or sundresses, and you would never go wrong with your summer style!

Whiskey Tortoise with Classic Blue Lenses 

We never get over the timeless classics, do we? And to fulfill our desires for vintage fashion, we have the Jennings glasses in the traditional tortoise shell frames (not the real ones of course), around blue lenses- just the kind you would see on our Hollywood sweethearts of the golden years. Now as we always say (and we do believe), tortoise shell frames are an all-time favorite of the dapper ones. The darker frames with the contrasting lenses, adds to summer swank. Team these shades with your daytime basics, workwear, or a special ensemble, to nail the classic style.

Money Matters

What would you give for a pair of uber-stylish sunglasses, with the trendiest frames and two distinct designs? Not an arm and a leg, of course! Because, we wouldn’t either, and that’s why the Jennings sunglasses for $95 each, makes it a smart buy. And a reasonable enough price to get a pair for yourself and your partner, so you don’t end up fighting about who’s got the coolest glasses!

Try it to Buy It

One of the best things that we totally love about Warby Parker is their shopping support. When you are buying online, you would always tend to wonder about the fittings of your sunglasses, but with Warby Parker’s home try-on option, you can choose 5 of your favorite pairs, get them delivered to your address and try them for free! So, you get to buy a pair only if you are delighted with the fit and the design. And did we tell you about the 30-day-no-question-asked return policy along with the added 12-month lens replacement warranty? Now, that’s something that can make your shopping experience incredible! With all said, it’s time to make these Warby Parker Jennings sunglasses your summer favorite this year!