Barkley Sunglasses

Angle View Image of Barkley Sunglasses Collection, by Warby Parker Brand, in Antique Shale Fade Color

When Karl Lagerfield says “sunglasses are like eyeshadows” he might actually mean “pretty women” but when we say it, we mean your sunglasses can actually make or break your look, brother! And as they say, a man can never have too many pairs of sunglasses. So, if you feel your sunglass collection is enough to suit all your outdoor demands, then think again. Because, my friend, once you discover Barkley, your sunglass affair will take a whole new turn. 

Warby Parker has been a new age pioneer in revamping all the long-gone fashion trends- Victorian, vintage and retro, blended with the modern quirks. And it perfectly fits in with the millennial lifestyle. The Barkley for men is one such revival. A throwback to the mid-century sunglasses style, the Warby Parker Barkley has a touch of sophistication, yet unassuming for the modern man. And it would be legit to say that there’s something striking about a great pair of sunglasses. It kind of works as a personality booster and defines you, along with amplifying your looks.

What’s in the Name?

Not much, but it’s in our inherent nature to relate trends and styling to something iconic, like a celebrity or a character that we like. So, when it comes to these classic-modern sunglasses, you could either think of the wealthy and influential Barkley family from the TV show “The Big Valley show”, or you could think of the muppet dog from Sesame Street. As far as the Barkley sunglasses are concerned, we would stick to the Barkley family of the million-dollar California ranch, if that adds some weight to the name (it won’t be fair to relate a cute dog to sunglasses).

Old Look New Make

With an intelligently designed frame to suit every face type and shape, Barkley will not let you fret over the typical “is this made for me” question. These classic sunglasses are made in Warby Parker’s signature custom, cellulose acetate frame, which makes your favorite sunnies super strong and durable, right enough for the fast and the furious millennial life. The Barkley sunglasses, available in a medium fit of 53-18-142, blend the class of their vintage predecessors but sit comfortably on your face. The premium polarized lenses are made with CR-39 and the prescription sunglasses are made with high-impact-resistant polycarbonate so your glasses can bear the side-effects of your heroic exploits. The Akulon coated screws, hold the edgy frames together so you are free from the constant adjustment of your glasses and focus on your adventures.

Vintage Variety

Look at any Broadway classic, or any movie of the good ol’ times, or take any iconic celebrity, you will always find that the lead character’s coolness quotient depends on what they wear, especially if it’s a distinguished pair of sunglasses. And variety is the spice of life. As for the Warby Parker Barkley, the 3 distinct frames with unique lens combination, will be just about right for your modern wardrobe.

Antique Shale Fade with Green-Grey Lenses

Bold, but youthful, classic but cutting-edge, this Barkley in a faded shale color, gives a halftone effect with a lighter shade on the lower rim. The greenish grey lenses add to the vintage sophistication, without the slightest hint of color. Subtle enough, these sunglasses can match with your regular wardrobe and preppy closet essentials- apt enough for that -awaited college reunion.

Oak Barrel with Classic Blue Lenses

This is a retake of the iconic Steve McQueen style sunglasses when he nailed it in The Thomas Crown Affair. And let’s not forget our very own Johnny Deep and his signature blue lens glasses. Don the erudite look or the red-carpet swag, these Barkley glasses in traditional oak barrel color frame with the typical blue lenses are all you will need to stop a few hearts!

Oxford Blue Crystal with Classic Grey Lenses

Nerd is the new cool and these Oxford style Barkley sunglasses in a crisp blue crystal frame and the classic grey lenses, of James Dean fame can make you bring that charming, old-school look to any formal event (better enough if it’s ‘meet-the-parents’ day). Go stark opposite in styling with your favorite pair of denims or casual trousers and a shirt which will add a polished effect to your ensemble with this suave piece of eyewear.

Pocket Watch

The smartly designed Haskell flash mirrored sunglasses are made in medium fit with measurements of 49-22-145, to suit any face. But of course, anyone can wear them if they do it right. After all it’s not what you carry but how you carry it.

Pair these sunglasses with simple, relaxed linen trousers, or your daily denim. Hit the road, or a concert, a trip to the beach or a lazy Sunday drive -the Haskell sunglasses will quickly become your go-to sunnies.

A Price to Pay

If you have been reading on, the million-dollar question of the dollar would have crossed your head a few times. So, let’s talk money. Though, these sunglasses are classic, they are NOT expensive! Surprised? Don’t be. Because no one can afford to make your essential weapon of modern machoism inaccessible. Priced at $95 only, the Warby Parker Barkley sunglasses have a free shipping and free returns as well. And to add to your revelation, let us also tell you that Warby Parker throws in a 30-day ‘no-question-asked’ return policy. And add a 1-year free replacement on the scratched lenses. Now, keep calm, get your own Barkley, because dressing well is good manners buddy!