Avery Sunglasses Series for Men and Women

Avery Sunglasses Series for Men and Women

Warby Parker has come a long way from selling a wide range of eyewear products. The company established a loyal customer base through its fashion-oriented and affordable products such as the Avery sunglasses series. The Avery sunglasses are stylish and come in a choice of two colors for both genders. It is evident from these glasses that Warby Parker always stays consistent with a focus on comfort and durability. The lenses are resistant to scratched and have a robust design.

It is amazing how Warby Parker surprised us with affordable sunglasses without sacrificing quality. For $145 you get to choose from either Hazelnut Tortoise Matte with Silver or Jet Black with Gold colored sunglasses. Isn’t that incredible? The fun thing is that you will get a long-lasting, durable, stylish and practical pair of sunglasses after spending that amount. Furthermore, you will enjoy the convenience you need when undertaking outdoor or indoor activities with the glasses on.

A Wide Collection of Sunglasses

Warby Parker made a wise decision when it released a wide collection of the Avery sunglasses. The company also had the demands and needs of wearers in mind when releasing this collection of sunglasses. To be precise, the sunglasses are available for purchase in color combinations such as Jet Black with Gold and Hazelnut Tortoise Matte with Silver. These color combinations are also available for both men and women. They come with unique shapes, texture and hues. They truly represent Warby Parker’s incredible design prowess. 

The fun thing about the Avery sunglasses is that they cater to everyone’s eyewear needs. This simply means that no one’s needs are left out. From the Jet Black with Gold to the Hazelnut Tortoise Matte with silver color combination, it is up to you to choose glasses to bring out the bold look in you. With a selling price of $145, the glasses assure you of quality for every coin you spend when purchasing them. Doesn’t it feel great to get the maximum value out of every dollar you spend? Doesn’t it also feel good to get the trendiest eyewear item on the market at a cost-effective price?

Subtle Cutaway Design

There’s something about the design of Avery’s sunglasses that stands out. The sunglasses have a subtle cutaway design that includes narrowly-sized, medium-sized or wide-sized frames. One can view the frames’ measurements from the temple arm of the glasses. This is the same exact spot where most eyewear vendors print the measurement details of their glasses.

The Avery sunglasses have a texture made of stainless steel and custom cellulose acetate. To maintain their color parity, their designer used a single sheet of acetate to make them. Their design also allows for 100 percent UV protection. They have Akulon-coated screws on the hinges to increase durability and strength. They also come with polarized lenses built with CR-39 to enhance color and clarity.

Lightweight Design

In terms of weight, the sunglasses come with frames made of stainless steel and cellulose acetate. They also come with lenses made of polarized polycarbonate glass. These components make the glasses light in weight and more flexible to move. You can actually twist the frame back and forth without breaking it or tampering with its shape. The lightweight design of the glasses offers you maximum comfort when wearing them on your face.

The glasses can also adapt to the face sizes of the wearers. You can wear them when hiking on sturdy trails, mountain biking or running without fear of losing them. The glasses will remain intact on your face irrespective of where you are. The hinges and nose bridges exert little pressure on your face making you feel comfortable when you wear the sunglasses.

30-Day Return Policy

After purchasing the Avery Sunglasses in any of the variations, Warby Parker ascertains the buyers of 30-day return or exchange policy. Buyers also get to benefit from the no scratch guarantee that Warby Parker offers for one year. The guarantee states that they can have their scratched lenses replaced by the vendor within the one-year timeframe.

Built to Resist Scratch

It is good to note that Warby Parker also considered the portability of the Avery sunglasses when designing them. You can easily carry the glasses in your pockets with items such as keys without fearing that they may develop scratches. You can also keep them in your car’s glove compartment. Irrespective of where you choose to keep or store them, the lenses will always stay undamaged and intact.

There’s one noticeable thing about the texture of Avery sunglasses’ frames. According to Warby Parker, the designers used a German wax compound to polish these frames for three consecutive days. Their efforts focused on improving the texture of the frames. The sunglasses also come with a keyhole nose bridge and polished silhouette. These design components focus on making the glasses comfortable and suitable to the wearers.