Amanda de Cadenet x Warby Parker Sunglasses

Silvan Sunglasses in Peony

It’s time to rejoice! Warby Parker has created a capsule collection in conjunction (alliteration alert!) with multi hyphenate Amanda de Cadenet! The designs come in optical and sunwear versions – perfect for those who want to make a statement with their glasses. 

Whether you’re lazing by the pool and listening to summer songs or laying on a hammock to read your favorite book, there’s a pretty style waiting for you to brace this season with glimmer and glamor (we are high on alliteration today!).

De Cadenet Collaboration

Amanda de Cadenet is a fashion photographer, writer, director, TV and online show host and runs her own production company (phew! That’s a lot!). In support of her latest venture, #girlgaze, Warby Parker has introduced a new silhouette in two colors – Silvan and Ella – named after de Cadenet’s twins.

Founded in 2016, #girlgaze is a multimedia digital community showcasing the ways in which girls see the world. It provides young female-identifying photographers with the tools and support they need to hone their craft. A true celebration of women in front of and behind the lens, #girlgaze empowers female photographers and filmmakers to tell their stories.

Capturing the essence of inclusivity and candor, this amazing Amanda de Cadenet – Warby Parker collection is a must-have for this season!

A ‘Threelling’ Combo

Ella is a chunky frame in Jet Black with bold, gold accents on the frame’s temple. This frame is available only in optical style. Your perfect wardrobe companion to look nerdy yet chic *wink*.

The Silvan style frame is designed for optical and sun wears (yay!) and is fabricated in a translucent Peony – #girlgaze’s signature pale pink color. The Silvan sunnies come with a silver reflective lens to reduce glare. Your cue to look pretty in pink!

It’s high time you ditched those boring reading glasses (and overused sunglasses too) and embraced these beauties to personify style and substance. And did we mention these frames are gender neutral?

The Framing Theory

These chic oversized frames are for all sorts of creative spirits – to up your fashion game and still be comfortable. The Amanda de Cadenet eyewear collection is crafted from custom cellulose acetate – making it lightweight, durable and temperature resistant, enough to withstand your everyday fancy to flaunt them. The sun glasses also have good flexibility, reducing the possibility of breakage.

These beauties are created from a single sheet of acetate to maintain color parity and have akulon-coated screws for durability. As for the lenses, they have anti-scratch and anti-reflective coating, offering 100% UV protection. The lenses for optical beauties are made from polycarbonate. While non-prescription lenses for Silvan sunnies are made with CR-39.

With just the right amount of transparency and a generous dose of comfort and care, these frames are all you need to rock your outdoorsy look!

Making the Cut

Now that these frames have caught your fancy, don’t let anything deter you from looking suave (or chic for that matter). Not even your face type. These beauties are versatile enough to bring out the best features on any face, in any season, during any time of the day!

Though we hate playing favorites (and we are not, mind you), these frames look best on people with an oval or round face. If it’s a case of *love at first sight*, forget our advice and just don them to gleam and glimmer this summer!

Fit for Life

Finding the perfect fit is as important as having glasses with the right kind of material. Imagine being engrossed in a book or a newspaper one minute and the next minute, everything is a blur. No one wants a slip-and-slide pair of glasses or one that sits crooked (you are not a mad scientist after all).

Unlike shoe size or clothing size, it’s not easy to remember frame size. So, how can you ensure that you pick a frame that fits the anatomy of your face? Fret not. You can make use of Warby Parker’s home try-on program, choose five frames, and select the one that best suits you.

The glasses from this capsule collection come in wide-sized frames, ideal for people who have a wide face.

Economies of Frame

You might think getting your hands on these limited-edition beauties would mean shelling out a multi-digit amount with multiple zeroes, right? Of course, not!

These insanely gorgeous beauties are high on affordability and glamor, starting at just $95 USD! Time to add the Midas touch to your wardrobe!

Rediscover Your Creative Spirit!

It’s time to be a proud owner of a pair that is modern and statement worthy, while being simultaneously subtle (here we go again with the alliterations!). It’s your moment to shine!

Find value in the new Amanda de Cadenet – Warby Parker collection.