Addie Sunglasses for Women

Addie Sunglasses for Women

When the rain comes down – umbrellas go up!

How about when the sun comes hitting on your pretty face – you sure would need a pair of sunglasses!

Thing is – If you don’t know where to get a good pair or you haven’t heard of Warby Parker then you are definitely missing out on all the good stuff!

If you have eyeballs (pretty much everyone does), you need to try on a pair of eyewear from Warby Parker one of these days. More so, if you are all out for a stunning look, then Warby Parker is the brand you need to know.

Whether it’s prescription lenses you need, Warby Parker has got you covered with their incredible designs. Do you have a perfect eyesight? Then you will also be blown away with the collection of nonprescription glasses and sunnies available at Warby Parkers’.

Warby Parker is an all-time brand, that embraces tremendous creativity, skillfulness and anonymity in their designs.

This eyewear brand keeps you in the know about what the latest eyewear trends are! You can rest assured that the designs from Warby Parker would definitely be in trend even in the near decade.

More Than Amazing Deals with Warby Parker

With Warby Parker it doesn’t end at getting good deals on numerous designer eyewear as they are relatively affordable.

There is also this form of satisfaction you feel in your heart, knowing that Warby Parker makes monthly donations to non-profits for each pair of eyewear you purchase.

Addie Series of Sunglasses and Eyeglasses

The Addie series from Warby Parker is a New Classics collection. This collection of eyewear comes specially for the classy women in the house. The inspiration for these glasses are the mid-century modern vibe. With incredible square-ish shape designs and a more pronounced end piece on both sides giving a slight cat-eye look.

Addie Eyeglasses

Addie pair of eyeglasses comes in the blue Lapis Crystal color; so adorable. The bright blue color is beautiful, the semi-rimless frame is a perfect fit and as you would like it, they are lightweight and portable. Made from the best material in the market “cellulose acetate” you can rest assured of quality frames for both eyeglasses and sunglasses. You can own a pair of Addie eyeglasses starting at $145 both for prescription and nonprescription lenses.

Addie Sunglasses

Here you have the Violet Magnolia with Green Gradient lenses. This perfect hue blend of violet and magnolia coupled with the green lenses gives a mid-century hippy look.  These sunglasses are up to scratch for any occasion and you can rock them on with just about any wear!

Frame ranges from medium to oversized. Made from the finest mix of cellulose acetate and stainless steel, which gives a distinctive color parity. The polarized lenses are made with CR-39; prescription polarized lenses are made with polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is the most impact-resistant prescription lens material on the market so you can rest assured of an anti-scratch lens and coating.

Now – Aside from giving you a chic look,  your eyes are offered protection as the lenses gives 100% protection from UV rays – Isn’t that incredible? Screws are akulon-coated which makes for more durability.

There’s more to that – You are entitled to free shipping and free returns with Warby Parker once you place an order. Available also is a 30-day return policy with no-questions-asked, as well as a one-year no-scratch guarantee for lenses – where you’ll get a replacement for your scratched lenses if you experience any within the first 12 months.

With Warby Parker, You Really Can’t Go Wrong!

Are you in search for a new pair of eyewear? You can order a home try on of Warby Parker. Tell you what – Warby Parker offers a free home try-on experience where you get to order frames to your home, try them out for a few days, be certain of what you want then you can place an order feeling confident in your eyeglasses.

Trust me – it’s so much fun trying out different shades and designs and getting to choose the perfect match at the end of the day.

Get a pair from Warby Parker today and live to own that flattering pair of eyewear that keeps you always looking classy and a little bit of sassy!