Carraway Sunglasses

Carraway Sunglasses

A fancy pair of jeans, swanky pair of boots, new hair color, and new-fangled colored contacts can make you have an entirely different and chic look. Wait a minute! Did I forget to mention Warby Parker’s collection of eyeglasses and sunglasses? Of course, I didn’t! A pair of Warby Parker’s Carraway glasses is that bit that will add just the right touch to your look.

If you are looking for creativity, then Warby Parker is your go-to option. Warby Parker is a great company that is here to wow you with the collection of glasses from their tray.  Specializing in both prescription glasses and sunglasses, Warby Parker’s specs series are always that piece to complete your overall look.

Warby Parker’s Collection – Carraway Series

Unless you want to look a little less “classy” and far from “sassy” in your place of work or just about anywhere you go –  a beautiful frame from Warby Parker should be considered a must-have in your wardrobe. Truth is a lot of persons enjoy shopping for new sunglasses, eyeglasses or new frames. However, often the problem boils down to – knowing the right places to go!

Here’s the deal – Warby Parker is the one place to make a stop and place your orders for amazing collections of glasses.

With Warby Parker’s products, you rest assured of quality as well as style; the fact is there’s no limit to Warby Parker’s creativity. Aside from having these beautiful designs, Warby Parker’s specs are relatively affordable when compared to other sellers or even your optometrist.

The Carraway series from Warby Parkers collection consists of incredible designs of eyeglasses and sunglasses, for men and women. Interesting isn’t it? There is definitely something for everyone, irrespective of gender at Warby Parkers’. The Carraway series is renowned as the “re-imagined version of vintage style.” All the specs from this series were designed in New York but made in Japan.  

This collection from Warby Parker is definitely a wardrobe essential as they sure are not going to fade out of style anytime soon. Whether it’s a casual look on a pair of pants, a lightweight sweatshirt and an easy wear loafer; or a classic chic dress on heels and even a more formal outfit – Carraway eyeglasses or sunglasses will certainly rock your boat!

The frames feature a multi-layer construction, with custom-cut cellulose acetate coils set inside titanium eye wire, an acetate brow line on top; these frames are categorized as narrow, medium and wide to reduce the stress of finding your most comfortable pair or that perfect glass to suit the shape of your face!

Carraway eyeglasses

The Carraway eyeglasses series for men and women consists of the burnt amber tortoise and navy. A masterpiece is achieved with the burnt amber tortoise color on the upper part of the frame rim, all the way down to the temples and the navy-blue color on the lower rims. These eyeglasses can be worn on just about any outfit as the color, coupled with the design does not discriminate.

Carraway sunglasses

Classic and dazzling are the looks you get when you have this flattering pair of sunglasses on. The sunglasses include;

  • Jet Black and Black with Classic Grey lenses” available for every crowd, both men and women gives you the rock n roll feel. It is special black sunglasses, with grey lenses and a bit of golden hue on the bridge between the frames- totally unique and makes one stand out in the crowd.
  • There is also the Burnt Amber Tortoise and Navy with classic blue lenses sunglasses, available for both men and women. The blend of the colors of the frame coupled with the hue of the lenses defines classic.

Why choose Warby Parker?

Warby Parker offers irresistible prices for both eyeglasses (prescription and nonprescription) and sunglasses. Customers are promised a 30-day; no questions asked return policy, as well as a free replacement of scratched lenses within a period of 12 months. Well, it doesn’t end there – you are entitled to free shipping and free returns anytime any day! With Warby Parker, you can rest assured that you will get the best out of your investment, both in terms of quality and efficacy.