Sculpted Series Sunglasses

Skye Sunglasses in Jet Black and Ivory Horn with Classic Grey lenses

We are excited about Warby Parker’s newly launched Sculpted Series. We didn’t expect a pair of sunglasses to have anything to do with sculpting, but Warby Parker is an extremely creative brand and they never fail to impress. The new gorgeous frames from the sculpted series are proof of that.

An Artistic Vision

Although Warby Parker has plenty of collections for women, this Sculpted Series is a class apart. Why? Because it is inspired by the intricate art of sculpting, and is a dedication to the aesthetics of form and shape that sculptors render to their work. Even the color tones and textures used to design these frames have a subtle reference to all sculpting materials- stones, rocks, clay and wood.

Each piece of this collection has one thing in common- the contrasting layers of lamination in subtle shades, with the front layer shaped down to reveal the bottom layer. And this gives a prominent look to the entire frame- a frame-within-a-frame feel- right enough to shape your face and your persona. And did we forget to mention the little tilt on the temples, that makes these sunglasses oh-so-lovely?

Frame and You

The tilted temples, the layered rims and the sharpness of the frames- doesn’t this remind you a little of vintage eyewear? And add the oversized look to each of the frames- the perfect recipe to reinstate your enigmatic side!

Handcrafted from the brand’s signature material- premium cellulose acetate, this made-in-Italy collection is absolutely love at first sight. All frames in the Sculpted Series are available in wide fit – varying in measurements for each style.

The Sculpted Set

From graphic Onyx Tortoise to moody Sable Horn to warm Rose Clay, the Sculpted Series frames is an eclectic mix of artistry and technique- meant for the invincible woman of this generation. Taking a cue from natural stone and rocks, the Sculpted Series is created by the power of Gemma, Skye, Stella and Mae- four exotic, exclusive and exquisite beauties that, if added to your wardrobe, can take your style statement to another level.

Skye in Jet Black and Ivory Horn with Classic Grey Lenses

A touch of retro with the modern silhouette of slanting temples, chiseled to perfection, gives you Skye- the bold and beautiful sunnies in contrasting layers of jet black and ivory horn.

The classic grey lenses add to the sophistication of this frame. Go out there with all guns blazing, when you pair Skye with power dressing- a simple charcoal or ivory business suit, or a grey flannel dress.

Stella in Sable Horn and Rose Clay with Brown Gradient Lenses

Some things never go out of fashion. Take these quintessential square frames for example. The oversized frames of Stella in Sable horn, contrasted with the reddish tinge of rose clay layer, with the brown gradient lenses, add to the much-needed drama of feminine fashion.

Gemma in Walnut Tortoise and Ivory Horn with Brown Gradient Lenses

You could say Gemma is an understated version of Stella. Halfway between cat’s eye and classic square, this sculpted frame will be your daily fashion companion. The walnut toned, tortoise-shell like frame, layered with an ivory horn base and defined temples, is all you need to give an edge to a simplistic wardrobe. Wear it for business, pleasure or play, Gemma with brown gradient lenses fits in with every occasion and ensemble. 


The revisited cat’s eye frame, this stony beauty comes in two unique options.

Onyx Tortoise and Ivory Horn with Classic Blue Lenses

Subtle, yet a bold silhouette of onyx, with a tortoise shell-like overlay, and an ivory horn bottom layer, this Mae frame is not your daily fashion accessory. The blue lenses come in handy when you want to add an extra dose of ‘oomph’ to your outdoor self or brighten up a sundress or jumpsuit.

Jet Black and Pale Rose Horn with Grey Gradient Lenses

If the other Mae frame is too jazzy for you, then you will surely fall for this jet-black frame, layered with a contrasting pale rose horn rim, and grey gradient lenses, to add a whole bunch of sophistication to your business formals or elevate your street casuals.

Of Money’s Worth

The Sculpted Series frames cost $145 each, and Warby Parker offers a 30-day ‘no-questions-asked’ return policy and a 12- month lens replacement warranty. Practical, aesthetical, and economical- all-encompassing frames that shape your face and your wardrobe; the Warby Parker Sculpted Series are waiting for you ladies!