Cerulean Sunglasses

Rauschenberg in Cerulean Crystal with Flash Mirrored Sky Blue lenses

“All that glitters is not gold.” Because sometimes, it’s crystal.

To greet the bright summery skies with elegance, Warby Parker has partnered with the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation to craft limited-edition crystal beauties. After all, the green grass and cloudless skies lure you to stroll through winding lanes on sunny afternoons. Christened as ROCI, it’s time to grab a pair of these Rauschenberg – Warby Parker frames and step out on sun-bathed routes. Head into the summer with a new outlook. Literally.

Rauschenberg Hue?

These frames are inspired by the Rauschenberg Overseas Culture Interchange (ROCI) project.

Robert Rauschenberg was an influential American artist of the 20th century whose works anticipated the pop art movement. A forerunner of essentially every post war movement since Abstract Expressionism, his irrepressible creativity, fervor for collaboration, and lifelong activism have been captured in a capsule collection of vibrant sunglasses by Warby Parker.

Each of these brightly hued crystal shades are inspired by a palette found in Robert Rauschenberg’s paintings created during his ROCI project.

Feel inspired, add some pop art to your summer wardrobe!


The ROCI shades come in three unique, expressive color combinations, with each pair being influenced by a different work from Rauschenberg’s ROCI project. Presenting the crystal beauties –

Cerulean Crystal with Flash Mirrored Sky Blue Lenses

An artistic take-away from Rauschenberg’s ‘Rice Wine Dog, Tuak Hudok-Iban’ (ROCI Malaysia), let these crystal sunglasses do the talking with their vibrant blue frames and mirrored sky blue lenses-your perfect summer companion!

Primrose Crystal with flash reflective brown gradient Lenses

Reflecting the striking color-blocking in Rauschenberg’s ‘Daydream’ (ROCI Mexico), these pink beauties let you stand out from the crowd and never make you feel the blues (or just generally)!

Crystal Marina with flash mirrored bronze Lenses

Continuing the artist’s legacy of innovation, these teal-colored frames with metallic-inspired bronze lenses are a guaranteed showstopper! Influenced by Rauschenberg’s ‘Copperhead-Bite’ (ROCI Chile), they are the perfect pair to exude your attitude and style quotient.

These dual colored sunglasses are a little modern, yet a little retro – just about perfect to rock your summer looks!

Assurance of Quality

While lenses are the most important aspect of eyewear, the impact of a great frame cannot be underestimated. The frame, as well as the material used, plays a critical role in the longevity of your glasses and also, your comfort. Each of these ROCI frames make use of bright crystal acetate to match the vibrancy of Rauschenberg’s paintings, while making them durable so you can cherish the art and the style, as long as you want.

These frames are lightweight, comfortable, flexible and sturdy, with temples featuring a translucent covering. If bright and playful frames are your favorites, then these are definitely for you.

Under the Lens

Underneath the bright blue sky, facing the big yellow star and admiring a typical summer day…. Wait, are you squinting? Your sunnies are not just a fashion accessory. You need to have the best lens if you want to bask in all your summer glory. The lens for these crystal ROCI shades are made using UV protection, anti-glare and anti-scratch technology.

A quality pair of sunglasses to spend some quality time outdoors – time to make crystals shine!

Shaping the Rauschenberg Era

Getting that perfect pair of shades is no mean feat! How can your summer look be complete without donning this accessory! The ROCI frames can instantly infuse a bright and lively look, making you pop out from the crowd.

These crystals suit best on people with a round, square or heart-shaped face (though anyone can flaunt them if you’ve *fallen in love* with them). Bring out your best features in pursuit of some rays this summer!

The Perfect Fit

If you consider your eyes to be the window to your soul, then your sunglasses are the window frames. And, you don’t want your frames to be anything less than flattering. To ensure that, you need to have a pair of properly fitting glasses. Take into account the width of your face and the frame. Is the frame pinching the bridge of your nose? Is it tilted? Does it press uncomfortably against your ears? Does it keep sliding down your nose? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then your quest for that perfect fit hasn’t ended yet.

The ROCI crystal sunglasses come in medium-sized frame. The measurements, which are printed on the inside of the temple arms, follow the format of lens width – bridge width – temple width. The measurement for this pair is –  47mm – 26mm – 140mm.

For What it’s Worth

Getting your hands on these limited-edition sunglasses would mean a colorful wardrobe and a feather-light wallet, right? Not really.

Be a proud owner of this perfect piece which brings you the essence of vintage art with a dash of contemporary – all at just $95 USD! Affordability, style, comfort and durability – it’s time to set yourself apart rather than fit in.

Unleash the Art Lover this Summer!

Escape into a world of adventure, fashion and art with a pair of these highly functional, wear-it-wherever ROCI frames that complement the summer landscape.

Choose the pre-reqs for your next outing. Be as experimental and sensational as the artist. It’s time for something new, something blue.

Shop for these classic crystal beauties at Warby Parker.