Nancy Sunglasses

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We girls always need that one girlfriend who is super-fashionable, is in sync with the latest trend and always encourages you to be experimental with your style statement. Meet Nancy- your chic, sleek and stylish new best friend. She is sharp and bold, yet subtle when needed. She can take care of you when you want to go crazy with your ensemble or stay grounded to your basic style. And girl, is she solid! It’s time to include Nancy in your wardrobe! Oh wait! Are you ladies thinking that there’s some mysterious woman waiting to befriend you? Aha, we got you there! Alas, you can’t just put your friends in the closet (pun intended!) but this Nancy we are talking about, you surely can. Meet Nancy (again) – the uber-cool pair of sunglasses from Warby Parker.

Nancy’s glasses

Now, about the name, there’s no big story to why this piece is called Nancy. But as always, we did find a connection between America’s favorite, teen sleuth- Nancy Drew and these sunnies. Drew was smart, stylish (for her times), sharp and extremely witty (she was a detective, duh!) and she wore glasses from time to time (oh yes, she did). Similarly, if you see, the Nancy glasses are nifty, edgy, out of ordinary and gives a prominent definition to your style. Of course, this is a bit of exaggeration, but you ladies know that we can get a little dramatic at times like these, when we absolutely love something! And this is that time.

The first look at the pair and we instantly fell in love with these sunglasses. Just pay attention to the frame and you would know why. A subtle pentagon shape, slightly sharper at the temples, to give you an angular contour, these frames sit on a soft gray lens to add to the sophistication. If you recall, the yester years saw these oversized frames in square, hexagon or pentagon shapes, adorning the pretty faces of Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Lauren Bacall, and the likes. Even today, the pentagonal glasses are a huge sensation with supermodels like Bella Hadid or our very own RiRi girl sizzling the outdoors in these frames.

Framed to be fabulous

If you notice, these Nancy sunglasses are named after precious gemstones- Tourmaline and Coral. And not only the names, they even resemble those respective minerals. The vibrancy and lustre of coral and the depth and subtlety of tourmaline are infused in these frames through the perfect coloration and the gemstone-like cuts along the frames. Made with custom cellulose acetate- Warby Parker’s signature material for their eyewear, these glasses are chiseled to perfection with precision hand-craft. The Akulon coated screws make sure that your statement stays in place- after all, no woman wants a wardrobe slip-up when you are out there taking on the world!

Ways to be chic

Your very own wardrobe bestie- Nancy comes in two fabulous options so you can create nifty style statements with each one of them.

Tourmaline- Just like the precious gemstone, this particular pair has the strength and depth of Tourmaline. Versatile like the gemstone, these Nancy glasses can be teamed up with anything- from business attire to semi-formals, and even street casuals. Sport it with a blazer and a pair of trousers or a catsuit and you would be dressed to kill. Want to add a dose of zing to your daily denims and shirt? Don these stony beauties and you are set to hit the road.

Coral- Another sophisticated creation from Nancy in an exotic coral color. Also inspired by the natural gem, Coral sunglasses can add the much-needed elegance to your simple ensemble. With the cuts in the right places and the vibrant tone, the shades are jewellery for your eyes! Pair it with a sundress for your outdoor jaunts or with your cocktail dress for a day wedding. Or in case, you want to add a touch of glam to your work basics, put these Coral sunglasses and you will be the perfect head turner.

Price Affair

Warby Parker’s Nancy sunglasses might have the feel of precious gemstones for your pretty peepers, but ladies, it’s not a reason to worry. These gorgeous pieces of eyewear will definitely not cost you the price of a real stone. At $95 only, you can rest assured of a killer fashion statement that’s reasonable on your pocket and great on you! And it all comes with an added 30-day, “no-question-asked” return policy, in case you are not happy with what you bought (which we are sure would never happen) and a 12-month lens replacement policy. We are in absolute love with the Warby Parker Nancy glasses, and we are sure you would love to have this fashion bestie with you, wherever you explore.