Maker Eyeglasses Edition

Maker Eyeglasses Edition

Want to slay without going through so much hassle? Then you sure are at the right place!

No one likes that feeling of being ignored or unheard by others. Truth is, everyone wants to be heard no matter how little they speak (one of the greatest gifts people appreciate is listening ears). But!  how about knowing that a pair of eyewear can do the trick (get you all that attention you seek in a matter of minutes)… Oh yes, you read that right! But it can only happen when you decide to change (tweak your fashion sense a little here and there!)

However, change will never happen if you are constantly waiting on other people or waiting for a particular time. Tell you what – You’d still be stuck in those pair of old shoes and boring eyewear to go; “you are that change you seek as the power to make decisions lies in your hands”

All that said, if change is what you are looking for, then Warby Parker’s Maker Edition is your go-to option for the season.

Incredible Art of Japan

The Maker limited edition collection is one of the latest made-in-Japan collections. You know what they say about Japanese craftsmanship? Well if you don’t, let us get things a little bit clearer, shall we?

Japan has been attributed with the highest level of craftsmanship when it comes to eyewear making. Fukui in Japan is said to be where the world’s first titanium frames were made.

Each pair of the Maker edition series was intricately made in Fukui, Japan, where high-quality eyewear has been said to be produced for over the last 10 decennium. The frames made from lightweight titanium were hand welded and entirely hand-finished, with custom tooling to get the dimensions right.

Maker edition – keeps you on the high side

If you are familiar with Warby Parker you will know that the eyewear brand has tons of fabulous collection and series of eye wears that go from Chic to classy, nerdy to funky,  sophisticated to just the right amount of sassy. However, irrespective of the already existing collections, there is no “Pause” for Warby Parker as the brand keeps up with the latest trends, spoiling their fans with more and more release of trendy eye wears for every season. Maker edition series brings you:

  • Warby Parker Hawthorne

Hawthorne is available in polished silver for both men and women and it all starts at $195 including prescription lenses. Trust me – There will never be room for any regret if you become a proud owner of this pair of modern, statement worthy, eyewear – It’s your moment to shine!

  • Warby Parker Newland

This super cool round shape minimalist eyeglass makes you look your effortless suave and chic in whatever outfit you get yourself in. Available for men and women in Polished Silver, shimmering with elegance at an affordable price of $195 – Don a pair as it is all you need to turn from dull to glamour within a millisecond.

  • Warby Parker Lily

Lily is just the perfect fit for an omg-so-fashionable, chic and sophisticated lady. Lily is the new definition of classic cat eye and is available in rose gold, starting at $195 – that’s somehow just how much it costs for you to be on top of your fashion game (incredible!).

  • Warby Parker Fields

If you are an avid eyeglasses wearer, then here’s your perfect fit – grab a pair today! Fields is available in “carbon” for both male and female and “Rose gold” for female only all starting at $195.

Is getting that picture-perfect pair beginning to seem like a huge deal? –  Try the “Home-Try-On

There’s one amazing thing about Warby Parker and that is the trust-based relationship the brand builds with its customers. Warby Parker allows you to pick FIVE best frames you admire from their collection, ship them to you for free and allow you to try them on for 5 days within the comfort of your home. At the end of the day, you get to know exactly what you want, and a new pair will be shipped to you after your trial period is over and eye wears returned.

It’s time to step out on the street, hanging on a pair of the killer Maker edition

  • Speaking of cost-effectiveness

It’s not out of place for one to think that laying hands on these gleam and glimmer designer limited-edition beauties would cost a couple of zeros, right? Well of course not! These insanely gorgeous collections are very affordable and up for grabs, starting at just $195 – It’s time to add an uptown touch to your wardrobe!

  • More glamour

There is this “just-for-you” detail hidden along the eyewire of every frame in the collection, ” a subtle filigree pattern” – the signature kind of design, peculiar to this Maker Limited Edition series only. More so, together with beauty and quality comes a generous dose of comfort – owing to the PVC nose pads (that prevents pressure and slipping) and titanium-made temple tips (that doesn’t leave ugly dents behind your ears).

Warby Parker also offers an amazing 30-day, ‘no-questions-asked’ return policy, and an anti-scratch guarantee where your frames can be returned and you’ll be given a new pair if for any reason you feel dissatisfied with what you’ve got (comes with free shipping too). Warby Parker is definitely the place to shop for every season!