Laurel 17 Collection

Laurel Eyeglasses in Espresso Tortoise

This sunny season, while you bask in the golden glow, don’t forget to cover your pretty peepers and add a whole lot of sass to your summertime. For that you will need a gorgeous and alluring pair of sunnies like the Laurel from Warby Parker – the classic round lenses from the days gone by, reshaped into a modern silhouette, with a faint cat-eye look, the Laurels in two distinct shades will complete your season’s look and your summer stories.

The Story of Laurel

Time moves fast indeed. Exactly a year ago, Warby Parker launched Laurel 16 – the predecessor of the exquisite Laurel 17 sunglasses. With colorful frames and diverse silhouettes, the Laurel 16 was dedicated to the modern feminine woman. As ladies welcomed the warm season with these exotic sunglasses, they became an instant sensation. Since they were so popular, Warby Parker reinvented the collection and relaunched Laurel (17) for Summer 2017 – a pair in crystal blush tones and gradient lenses.

A Make that Lasts Forever

Laurel 17 comes in their signature make of cellulose acetate frames, which makes your lovely sunglasses durable and sturdy so you can shine through summer and keep looking gorgeous all year round.

Warby Parker goes to great lengths to ensure that your sunglasses are more than just your style accessory – they become your fashion asset. The prescription lenses are made in polycarbonate while the non-prescription ones are made with CR-39, and finished with an anti-scratch coating.

The Laurel frames are smartly held together with Akulon coated screws so you can be rest assured of strength and durability. The medium, roundish frames are smaller in size compared to most of Warby Parker’s frames, so they are ideally suited for a petite face – this doesn’t mean they won’t suit other face shapes. Available in the standard medium fit of 48-22-140, these redefined, stylish glasses will be just about right to make you look your best beautiful.

Two Shades of Beauty

The Warby Parker Laurel 17 are available for the multi-faceted woman of the millennium. A renewed version of the classic Laurel style, sported by leading ladies of the golden era like Lauren Bacall and Grace Kelly, Warby Parker Laurel adds a modern edge to this vintage fashion element.

As you tango through the sunny days, these Laurel sunglasses in two striking styles will add all the needed sugar and spice to your summertime madness.

Rose Quartz

Millennial or not, we ladies need a little touch of pink in our lives, don’t we? These subtle shades in a soft, rose-tinted quartz frame are your perfect companion for summertime explorations.

The flash mirrored lenses in rose gold, will add some drama to your ensemble. For a lunch reunion or a day out with the girls, these Laurel sunglasses can be your all-time fashion favorite. Whether you don these pink beauties with a lavish floral dress, or a simple crepe jumpsuit, or your all-time favorite white shirt and denim shorts (with a little floral embroidery), you will never go wrong with your impressive midsummer ensemble, thanks to the rosy Laurels.

Espresso Tortoise

This pair is ideal for the bold, beautiful and sophisticated individualist who wants to make a definitive fashion statement. If you believe in reinventing old-world charm in the modern times, then these sunglasses are meant for you!

As classic as tortoise-shell frames get, these Laurel shades in Espresso Tortoise (without the real tortoise shell), will allow you to reinvent yourself. Be audacious and sport a vintage look with collared blouses and plaid skirts. Alternately, blend the urban-retro with modern minimalism when you pair the Espresso Laurel glasses with a white jumpsuit or a pair of linen trousers. And don’t forget the scarf to complete that Grace Kelly look!

The Laurel 17 sunglasses are available as simple prescription eyeglasses, as well as glamorous sunglasses to fit all the needs of the modern beauty.

Value for Money and Style

In an ideal scenario, we wouldn’t want to consider the price factor when it comes to making a statement with our fashion sense. But since we must, we might as well know what it costs to own a pair of gorgeous glasses. You will be happy to know that these Laurel 17 prescription glasses and sunglasses are priced at $95 only! And to add to it, you get a 30-day return policy on your frames as well as a full replacement on scratched lenses within the first year.

This summer, as you start creating your memories, add the Warby Parker Laurel 17 sunglasses to your stories and make it a memorable season!