Justin Timberlake x Warby Parker Collaboration

Justin Timberlake x Warby Parker Collaboration

Doesn’t Warby Parker just bring a cooler definition to style?

The award-winning eyewear brand Warby Parker never stops at reaching for the top and here we have a handsome collaboration with one of America’s finest artiste Justin Timberlake. Justin Randall Timberlake is an American R&B Pop singer, songwriter, actor, record producer and dancer.

Justin Timberlake and fashion

JT’s sheer attractiveness is associated with the singer’s style, uniqueness and amiable fashion sense. The singer has been involved in bringing trendiness to a whole new level right from his “NSync years”.

However, his fashion style keeps evolving over time but since his genesis as a Pop Star, one thing he has always been associated with is an urban-leaning style. This Pop Lord is also said to be one man who brought sexy back into a clean suit and tie. However, recently, the singer has switched from an image of a man on a skinny-suit to a bit of urban fantasy, wearing flannels and denim with distressed leather jackets as seen in the different promotional material for his recent album “Man of the Woods” – He’s got the guts to try any look (that’s where confidence meets creativity).

JT x Warby Parker

Warby Parker together with Justin Timberlake have designed three limited-edition sunglasses series to commemorate the sixth track “Wave”, from the singer’s most recent album “Man of the Woods.”

The singer, however, has been rumored to have done a track-by-track collaboration with a couple other leading fashion brands. But the track for Warby Parker is the “Wave”

This Justin Timberlake x Warby Parker Wave Series is definitely the right pick for you this season!

OK, how do we know that?

First off, if the fact that this amazing collabo is part of Justin’s Man of the Woods Fashion Collection doesn’t impress you, the style would definitely inspire you!

More so, since inception, Warby Parker has stood unmatched amongst other eyewear brands as a champ of designing reasonably affordable, high quality and good-looking designer eyewear – can’t miss out on this awesomeness, can you?

Man of the wood inspired series – “Wave”

This collaboration with Justin Timberlake is yet another display of Warby Parker’s unique style and tremendous creativity. There is a handful of fashion statements within the singer’s track-by-track collaboration but the one collabo to lay your hands on has to be Warby Parker’s Waves.

The Wave series comes with a sleek, a bit glossy, rectangular lenses, chunky, yet funky shade. The wave series is available in three different colorways but same outstanding silhouette and great design.

Wave I comes in the breathtaking Canyon Tortoise, that stands out in your wardrobe as an accessory that would elevate your entire wardrobe and up your fashion game. Wave II and Wave III come in Sea Glass Grey and Jet Black Matte respectively.

Whether it’s in sun shades or clear eyeglasses, the Wave series is impeccable and just represents the whole Justin Timberlake’s style in an awesome way. You can rock them with or without the suit and tie – (they don’t just fit into any outfit, they bring out the style in you).

Good thing is – They are also quite easily acquirable amongst all other items in the Man of the wood collection of Justin Timberlake, all of which are being featured in his New York City pop-up.

What are you waiting for? This limited edition series is available in both men and women’s styles and are just a click away at Warby Parker. Remember the word is “limited” – so you might want to grab your own pair today.

These New Limited-Edition Sunglasses series somehow just go for $95 – what could be more intriguing?

Just as always, Warby Parker never relents in making it extremely easy and affordable for anyone to own a pair of stylish, designer eyeglasses and sunglasses. It would interest you to know that the Justin Timberlake x Warby Parker’s newly launched series is definitely not the “odd one out” as they don’t cost an arm and a leg.

The fact that they are a product of the collaboration between Warby Parker and Justin Timberlake is notable (and is what makes them stand out); yet negligible on the side of cost. Alright let’s go on and elaborate in clearer terms – these sunglasses are great, made from the best of materials available in the market and are guaranteed to elevate your look, yet they start at just $95!

Does the collaboration put a stop to kindness?

Tell you what! Nothing stops this eyewear brand from identifying with charity. Warby Parker is said to make a donation to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, an establishment dear to JT and close to the singer’s hometown. And subsequently, just as it is for every pair of Warby Parker frames sold, a pair of this Wave series is also distributed to someone in need.