Hayes Collection


Rewind to the 1950s. Stop. Imagine you are Roger Thornhill from “North by Northwest”- the stately ad-guy with a statelier wardrobe, something like a vintage “Mad Men”. Every piece of clothing and accessory speaks class and panache- the suit, the slick hair, and the distinguishing tortoiseshell sunglasses. The SUNGLASSES- now that completes the whole look. Simply breath-taking. Isn’t it? Now, let’s come back to 2017. Stop. What if you could actually pull-off a Cary Grant right here, right now, today? Ask… and you shall receive.

Say hello to HAYES- the classic sunglasses by Warby Parker bring back the most-cherished vintage accessory to your millennial wardrobe.

Vintage is the New Modern

Born in the 1940s, these brow-line glasses, were an instant hit for the next couple of decades and enjoyed popularity in stylings of iconic personalities like those of Cary Grant, Colonel Sanders, Lyndon B. Johnson, amongst others. Back to the future of these high-brow glasses, when they evolved into “cool” sunglasses with the ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ fame- the quirky, urban-retro trend for the 80s youth.

The brow-line sunglasses, also renamed as ‘clubmasters’ by popular sunglass manufacturers of the time, made a style statement so suave that it became synonymous with the era. The Warby Parker Hayes collection is a revision of this iconic vintage statement.

Gear Check

Your sunglasses are your most important gear to face the world in different hues. And a man always knows his gear- in and out. So, let’s probe into what your style weapon is made of. This reinvented 1950s classic frame, comes with a thicker upper frame so it appears bolder than the bottom half of the frame. The upper, traditionally known as the “brow” or the “cap” of the Hayes sunglasses is made from high-quality custom cellulose acetate. The rest of the frame, including the bridge and the wires are molded and come in polished, filigreed metal, in solid stainless steel- tough and sturdy enough for you to go out there and win the style battle every day, soldier! And to hold your weapon in place, always on attention, every piece is put together with Akulon-coated screws- a promise of security and durability.

Your sunglass lenses are as important as the frame and your peepers depend a lot on them. Find these vintage flavored glasses in advanced polycarbonate lenses which, by the way, are also scratch-resistant (anti-scratch coated), so your gear is safe in your pocket, with your keys or in your car dashboard, with other trappings, and you don’t have to worry about a thing and you can go wild with your style. The lenses for prescription glasses are made with polarized polycarbonate lenses. The lens shapes are designed for ultimate style not for specific activities; why, sporting activities, of course! So, if you are expecting to ward off the bright, sunny world out of your eye window, that won’t be happening. After all, it’s all about looking sassy.

Fitting In

With a vintage renaissance of elegant style, no one fits in but rather make the sunglasses fit. The Hayes sunglasses come in a wide fit frame in measurements of 51-21-145, and can perfectly highlight any handsome face out there- round, oval or rectangular.

Style Speak

A pair of uber-chic sunglasses is a must-have in a man’s fashion arsenal. With a history of five decades, the Hayes, brow-line sunglasses are still one of the most popular style of sunglasses of our times. From leading Hollywood celebs, hipsters, and fashion gods, Hayes is arguably the ‘it’ accessory to complete an ultimate refined, vintage look. Warby Parker Hayes offers you two distinct style options Jet Black with grey gradient lenses and Woodland Tortoise with Olive green lenses. Take your pick from a classic monotone or an earthy hue, depending on what you want to be- the sophisticated Roger Thornhill or the quirky Ferris Bueller?

Pull on a dapper style statement as you join your clients for a luncheon or your friend’s birthday at the country-home. Still wondering what to wear on that first date? Pair these beasts with a blazer or just a casual shirt and she will be all eyes on you for the evening. The Hayes are rich, classic, may be a little nerdy but never boring. From business to pleasure, travel and leisure, brow-line sunglasses can fit in anywhere, for any occasion.

Big Buck Theory

You might wonder, a sunglass with all the jazz and the razzmatazz, might bring down your bankroll. Well, we have good news to that. The Warby Parker Hayes, in two different color options, start from $145 only. Not convincing enough? Let’s make it worth it for you- The price also includes Premium polarized lenses made with CR-39 for maximum clarity and color, so you don’t have to worry about your eyesight while you go crazy on style.

Frills You Will Love

Who doesn’t like a little extra topping? Like when you buy any Warby Parker sunglasses, you also get a ’30-day, no-questions-asked return policy’ on all frames, along with a one-year, no-scratch guarantee on the lenses. And in case you somehow manage to get a scratch on these gorgeous sunglasses, well, they will be replaced for free within the first year. Now, Isn’t that a cherry on the extra topping?

So, go ahead, explore the vintage flavour in the modern Hayes and nail your best style statement.

“Make it simple, but make it significant”!