Haskell Collection

Angle View Image of Haskell Eyeglasses Collection, by Warby Parker Brand, in Crystal with Blue Jay Color

Try the Haskell by Warby Parker, with the colors of a rainbow packed in glass and cellulose and see the world in a motley of colors. With the classic round lenses and sleek, custom cellulose acetate frame, the Haskell is the season’s hottest thing.

Call them flash mirrored or reflective sunglasses, these mirrored shades, with a reflective coating, can be your best style weapon of choice this summer! As you walk down the brazen roads, the tinted coating picks up the color tones of your surroundings and makes your Haskell sunglasses (and you too), look super quirky.

The trendy, crystal frames with round lenses, a slim temple arm and a keyhole bridge, add a hipster touch to your summer wardrobe. And wouldn’t you want to make a statement with your presence?

Old Stories, New Pages

Haskell is history recreated. Born in the 40s, these flash-mirrored sunglasses were a typically ‘cop’ thing. By the next few decades, they found their way into the wardrobes of the rich and famous – remember Robert Redford in “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” or John Lennon in his classic style Sunnies in mirrored lenses?

Reimagined with modern craftsmanship, this vintage comeback makes for the 21st century ‘it’ eyewear!

A Stint on Tint

The Warby Parker Haskell comes in 6 dazzling shades to tint your golden summer.

Crystal with Flash Mirrored Electric Blue Lenses

When the days look dull, and you need that spark of energy to go out there and blaze the trails, these electric blue sunglasses will bring much-needed swag to the rebel in you.

Crystal with Flash Mirrored Iridescent Lenses

A touch of retro fused with the avant-garde crystal frames, the Haskell sunglasses with iridescent lenses are for the much-needed savoir-faire, within a spontaneous style statement.

Crystal with Flash Mirrored Silver Lenses

When subtlety is all you need and you want to keep your style a little low key, but definitely not off-the-grid, these flash-mirrored iridescent shades will keep your style unfailing, with a bold undertone.

Crystal with Flash Mirrored Electric Pink Lenses

Go electric. Go punk. With the flash-mirrored electric pink lenses, raise the adrenaline of your outfit and define yourself. And defy conventions.

Crystal with Flash Mirrored Electric Green Lenses

See the world in a sparkling green hue with this version of Haskell. The Crystal frames with electric green lenses will keep your style quotient in place, while keeping your peepers safe from the sun.

Crystal with Flash Mirrored Dusk Lenses

Want to add a little enigma to your personality? These crystal frame Haskell sunglasses with mirrored dusk lenses will add a touch of mystery to your look.

Shades that Make You

The smartly designed Haskell flash mirrored sunglasses are made in medium fit with measurements of 49-22-145, to suit any face. But of course, anyone can wear them if they do it right. After all it’s not what you carry but how you carry it.

Pair these sunglasses with simple, relaxed linen trousers, or your daily denim. Hit the road, or a concert, a trip to the beach or a lazy Sunday drive -the Haskell sunglasses will quickly become your go-to sunnies.

A Price to Pay

What does it cost to look outstanding? $100. With a 30-day, ‘no-question-asked’, free replacement and a 12-month scratch-free guarantee for lenses, you are in for an unbelievable deal on unparalleled style.

This summer, redefine your style, break all norms, let the conventional shades take a backseat, so you can see the world in rainbow hues. Go chromatic this season with Warby Parker Haskell!