Hardy Eyeglasses for Men & Women

Hardy in Root Beer

Warby Parker never stops to excite us with its impressive eyewear releases. After unveiling the Hardy eyeglasses recently, it is safe to say that the eyewear brand truly values quality designs. The latest Hardy eyeglasses are available on the brand’s website for purchase. There are designs for both men and women. They are also available in Jet Black, Layered Tortoise and Striped Pacific styles. Available from Warby Parker for only $95.


One thing that you can notice from the eyeglasses when you look at them is that they have a polycarbonate fabric surrounding them. The reason why the polycarbonate material is ideal for making eyewear products is that it is impact-resistant, light in weight and thin in size. These factors make the eyeglasses comfortable for wearing irrespective of where one is going or living. Hardy stands out from other eyeglasses that are currently in the market due to its clever keyhole bridge and rectangular eye frame.  

The eyeglasses are made from a uniquely hand-polished cellulose acetate. You can pair them with your favorite type of casual or formal clothing. You’ll also be comfortable wearing them when heading out for a picnic, doing house chores or handling office tasks.

Protection from Harmful UV Rays

Besides the polycarbonate material, the glasses also include a scratch-resistance and anti-reflective coating material. This material offers 100 percent protection from the damaging effects of UV rays. When exposed to the ultra-violet rays, the lenses change from being clear to have a dark grey color immediately.

The lenses gradually become darker depending on the UV exposure and temperature levels. When wearing them in an environment with little or no UV rays, they become clear for your eyes to see objects properly. The good thing about the lenses is that their treatment can’t peel or rub off because it includes light-responsive technology.

Free Delivery and Free Returns on Purchases

Warby Parker understands the fact that most shoppers today are savvy. When purchasing products online, most people transact with those sellers who offer services such as free delivery and free returns. Warby Parker offers its clients a return/exchange policy valid for a maximum of 30 days. The eyewear brand also offers a no-scratch guarantee for its lenses on every purchase of the Hardy Eyeglasses. The brand says that it has a steadfast commitment to meeting the demands of eyewear enthusiasts.

Frame Measurements

All Hardy eyeglasses sold by Warby Parker are narrow, medium or wide. With these frame measurements, one can find the glasses that are comfortable. When talking about the width of the eyeglasses, factors such as bridge width and lens width matter. To know the precise measurements of the glasses, you can check inside the temple arm after purchasing them. This is the same exact spot that other eyewear brands usually print their measurement details.

Lens Offerings

Warby Parker’s Hardy eyeglasses fall into two categories in terms of lens offerings. These include light-responsive and clear standard. Both categories offer 100 percent protection against UV light. However, the light-responsive lenses have the ability to react to light and temperature changes by either becoming darker or clearer. The Clear Standard lenses lack this ability. It is also good to note that both of them come with scratch-resistant and anti-reflective coating treatment.

Prescription Options

For those who have prescriptions for wearing eyeglasses, the Hardy eyeglasses come in two prescription options. These include Single Vision and Progressive option. Most people usually choose the Single Vision option since it can help them in correcting one field of vision. Glasses that fall into this category are ideal for either distant-viewing or reading.

The Progressive option, on the other hand, offers people multiple corrections through one lens. This means that you can use one lens to read, view the computer or see an object that is some distance away. The good thing about this option is that one doesn’t have to switch views between several pairs.

You can submit your eyeglasses prescription on the checkout page when making a purchase of Hardy eyeglasses. The page will ask you to upload a scan or image of the glasses and give your optician’s contact information. You can also submit the prescription via email to Warby Parker’s email or fax provided on their contact page. Don’t forget to include your pupillary distance (PD) in the process. The PD value helps Warby Parker to deliver glasses with fitting frame measurements.

Buying Guide

To get started on purchasing Warby Parker’s Hardy eyeglasses, the first thing you need to do entails finding the pair of glasses of your choice. The pair of glasses can be Jet Black, Stripped Pacific or Layered Tortoise depending on your taste. Add the product to a cart and proceed with selecting your prescription type (single-vision or progressive) from the checkout page. Be sure to also choose between the light-responsive or clear lenses and then make the payment as directed.