Fall 2017 Eyeglass & Sunglass Collections

Fall 2017 Eyeglass & Sunglass Collections

New seasons demand a new avatar. And we all definitely know that fall is on its way (yay!). After all, who doesn’t look forward to this pleasant transition from blazing summer to a cooler fall! Like you, even we are super excited to greet this change! And we are prepared for the welcome, courtesy of Warby Parker’s ultra-tempting and irresistible 2017 Fall Collection! In fact, we are already drooling over the chic frames!

Autumn Love

Prepare yourself for the beautiful weather with Warby Parker’s astounding assemblage of eyeglasses – which are all about unity in contrast.

Sunglasses in this range are crafted in two distinct variations – color blocking and mixed materials – to bring you frames which truly do justice to the various seasonal hues. Along with revamped versions of their famous erstwhile silhouettes, the 2017 Fall Collection debuts four new frames in the form of Cora, Becker, Mona and Logan.

A thing about these beauties is that they have colorful face fronts with complementary temples for an outcome that is dazzling and eye-catching. Find it hard to believe? Well, here we go – *drumbeats* presenting your optical partners to reflect the perfect autumn!

Colorblocked Coolness

How often do you see opposite colors creating a pleasing kaleidoscope, especially on something like eyeglasses? The rich and scholarly palette of Warby Parker’s color-blocked frames is “inspired by leather bound books at a college library”.

Inspiration #1


These cat eyes in Violet Magnolia with violet temples are for all the lovely ladies out there who want to look elegant rather than nerdy. Also available in Elderflower Crystal and Birch Tortoise (though not as a part of the Fall Collection), these feline frames have a rounded silhouette and are slightly oversized, perfect for those with a wide face.

Inspiration #2


Watts is a gender-neutral, medium fit silhouette in Jet Black Matte with Hazelnut Tortoise temples. This frame is oversized and round – giving you a charmingly erudite look. The slim temples and a keyhole bridge add a dash of midcentury flourish, which is perfect when the weather turns you into a closet poet! Other than this, Watts is also available in Sugar Maple and Deep Sea Blue Fade – an ideal pair for book lovers and sun seekers alike!

Inspiration #3


Oliver in Baltic Blue with Marzipan Tortoise come in a narrow fit for people who like a simpler but stylish pair of glasses. And yes, there are different shades to this gender-neutral silhouette too – Jet Black, Whiskey Tortoise, and Striped Olive.

Inspiration #4


What happens when you add a touch of cat eyes to round lenses and craft a narrow frame? You get Claudia – which exudes charm and personality! Available in Crystal Sable with Opal Tortoise, this features a low bridge fit with large nose pads and wide temple to temple distance for ladies who have a wide face or high cheekbones.

Inspiration #5


Lila is a medium shape with roundish lenses and is available in two chic variations – Rose Water (the plain Jane) and Marzipan Tortoise with Merlot Temples (the Fall beauty). The two different acetates for temple arms and face front can instantly transform your look by adding heaps of bookish charm!

Inspiration #6


A medium fit again, Edwin offers round lenses and a flattering nose bridge in eye-catching Amber Tortoise with Jet Black Matte.

Mixed Material Studs

What happens when you try to mix and match raw ingredients and hope that your experiment pays off? You get a picture-perfect range of eyewear that not only looks premium but also feels premium. Warby Parker’s combination of acetate and stainless steel always looks good, and this time is no different. Imagine the sheen and shine of metals against contrasting neutrals… the best things you’ll own this season!

Indulgence #1


Hadley’s construction includes round acetate lens rims, polished metal temple arms and browline. They spell nothing but L-U-X-U-R-I-O-U-S. Available in Opal Tortoise in Rose Gold, Jet Black in Polished Gold and Violet Magnolia, this silhouette is meant to be the showstopper at any gathering. Oh! And these are also available in sunshade variants.

Indulgence #2


The oversized silhouette of Tansley is punctuated by a shimmering, polished metal nose bridge. Why? So that you can make a dazzling first impression and be remembered by your peers. Acetates in Rosewood Tortoise and Jet Black Matte look stylish and sophisticated but the new one in Pale Rose Horn adds a flavorful contrast to Gold stainless steel. With its sunshade variant, the charisma of this silhouette makes every day a stylish affair.

But wait, there’s more – the newest of the new frames that will grace your eyes this season!

The Fall Debutantes


With glasses that emanate color block technique’s uber coolness, Becker has matte temple arms with a contrasting sheen on the facefront, giving these gender-neutral rectangular frames a special bit of refinement. This frame is available in Amber Tortoise with Jet Black Matte temples and Indigo Crystal with English Oak arms.


Cora is a medium fit, rectangular silhouette with a teeny-weeny hint of a cat eye (it’s so subtle even we took time to recognize it). Available in Crystal Sable with Opal Tortoise and Desert Tortoise with Crystal Plum, this frame has polish and sophistication galore!


A mixed material marvel, Logan’s round acetate frame is set in polished metal so that you can ace your academic and playful looks with ease. These classy frames are available in Hazelnut Tortoise with Polished Gold and Jet Black Matte with stainless steel. Simply, ‘Wow’.


Mona is an ultra-feminine silhouette with stylish round lenses to make you look no less than a diva. Confused whether to opt for acetate or stainless steel? This frame has got both, with super comfortable, adjustable nose pads so that you don’t have to deal with slip-ups or pressure marks.

Fall for the Fall Collection!

This crew of glasses is crafted from premium cellulose acetate and color-rich stainless steel to give you frames which are sturdy, attractive, and lightweight. Lenses are constructed from polycarbonate and offer 100% UV protection and high resistance to impact and scratches.

Starting at just $95, this range has something chic for everyone. And it’s more than worth it, considering their 30-day, no-questions-asked return policy and of course, their fashionable collection of vintage-inspired frames!We are all set to brace fall with these scintillating color combinations and must-get constructions! But are you? Check out the 2017 Fall Collection here