Moore Eyeglasses & Sunglasses

Moore Eyeglasses & Sunglasses

We have reason to believe that the Moore sunglasses are the best thing to happen to our fall wardrobe. For one- we know where they come from; the house of Warby Parker- the coolest eyewear brand for the new-age man. Next, because the brand has a reputation (and you bet a great one), you can be rest assured of the quality.

Made from their signature material- custom cellulose acetate, these frames are cut from a single sheet to give your glasses a color parity and solid durability, so you can continue with your masculine escapades, season after season, with your eyewear buddy to boost your looks. Then, comes the lens. Made with high-quality C39, a polycarbonate (if you have prescription glasses), these colorful lenses can do a lot more than cover your peepers; add color of course! And a whole deal of appeal. Finally, this entire assemblage is put together with Akulon coated screws to avoid slippage or discomfort.

Much of a Moore

These versatile Warby Parker sunnies are made in two distinct versions, blending the sensational style statement of the 70s with the fashion sensibility of this century. Find your Moore from these head-turning options:

Whiskey Tortoise with Bottle Green Lenses

With the Whiskey Tortoise framed Moore sunglasses in your arsenal, it’s time to find your alternative avatar. MI agent or a Rockstar. No matter who you want to be, these statement glasses with bottle green lenses, sitting on a tortoise shell frame can render a look that will surely make heads turn. Try it out for yourself!

Sandalwood Matte with Vintage Blue Lenses 

If you want to go a step further in your wardrobe definition and add a touch of eccentricity to your ensemble, then these blue lensed sunnies fitted in a Sandalwood Matte frame with a tortoise shell look could be the choice of the season. Pair these with your street-smart denim and a white shirt for the perfect look.

Our Two Cents for Your Dollar

You can buy these Warby Parker Moore glasses for $95, and if you’re not sure which ones will suit you best, simply opt for Warby Parker’s home try-on program, select your favorite five frames and try them on for free for five days! We bet you won’t stop at choosing just one. Also, grab the opportunity of the 30-day return policy they offer along with the 12-month free lens replacement guarantee.