Downing Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

Tell you what!

Warby Parker is at it again!

Warby Parker has got everyone just like Oliver Twist – “asking for more”. Amusingly enough Warby Parker never fails to impress and deliver unique, stylish, sophisticated and elegant glasses every time. There are great sunglasses and eyeglasses for every season that would rock your world.

Warby Parker brings out the hidden style in you with the great collection of eyeglasses as well as various designs of sunglasses. Alongside having varieties of high-quality designer eye wears, Warby Parker offers impressive deals as the eyewear is reasonably priced. More so, when you talk about companies assuming social responsibility, Warby Parker stands tall as the company gives away a pair of glasses to charity, for each pair sold.

Even though glasses often are one of those accessories people tend to overlook; a handful of others are really careful about keeping their wardrobe in check and shopping for various styles and designs. Glasses, as much as they speak loud of your personality and character, enhances your overall appearance. So it is quite essential that you own a pair or two in your wardrobe, but if you have none from Warby Parkers collection – think again, you are certainly missing out on the good stuff!

Warby Parkers’ Downing Series is a must-have!

Warby Parker’s Downing series comes with a fabulous collection of both sunglasses and eyeglasses. The designs, ranging from the lenses to the frames, the unique hues, texture, and shapes are proof of Warby Parker’s unending creativity.

The color combinations from downing series are so distinctive that you are likely to get down with one when you behold them.  Made from the finest of mixed materials, hand assembled, and hand finished – you sure are going to be blown away by these.

Downing Eyeglass series

The Downing eyeglass series consists of adorable collection of eyeglasses for both men and women – no one’s left out looking less than gorgeous! It comprises of the Walnut tortoise and the Jet Black color for both prescription and non-prescription options. This series of eyeglasses is relatively affordable as the prices start from $95 including prescription lenses. The frames consist of polished silhouette and a keyhole bridge. 

The downing eyeglasses for women looks great for just about any outfit regardless of texture whether cotton, leather, suede or knits. You can head off with your eyeglasses to study all day around the campus block or probably get a cozy dinner in downtown.

Downing Sunglasses

Downing Sunglasses goes “Down” with every outfit. You can rock it on jeans and a tee, tank top on a short, a miniskirt on a well-fitted t-shirt with a pair of canvas shoes to go – sounds intriguing right?

These set of glasses are to die for – literally! There’s the Jet Black with Green-Grey lenses and the beautiful Walnut tortoise hue mix -all starting at $95. Can you beat that?

The Walnut tortoise and Jet Black with Green-Grey lenses sunglasses are available for men and women. The downing sunglasses consist of polished silhouette, round lenses and a keyhole bridge that fits just about everyone. Frames are hand polished for three days with German wax compound giving it a characteristic texture. The premium polarized lenses are made with CR-39 that makes for maximum clarity and color. The prescription sunglasses, on the other hand, are made with polarized polycarbonate lenses – the best of materials available in the market.

What’s not to Love About Warby Parker’s Series?

For convenience, its frames are quite versatile and are categorized as narrow, medium, and wide frames. However, if you are still a bit confused, not to worry – the measurements of each spec is seen imprinted on the inside of the temple arm. This is same for a couple of other eyewear brands, so it makes it easy to know your fit. Quick check! If you already possess a pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses that you like, you can compare measurements to see to it that you get the perfect fit for you.

Warby Parker lenses offer a large area of clear vision; they are scratch resistant, made from impact-resistant polycarbonate and offers 100% UV protection. Built to last –they are made with cellulose acetate the highest quality plastic materials for glasses in the market. The use of cellulose acetate makes for durability alongside comfort, owing to the light weight and flexibility properties of the material. The screws are also akulon coated which makes for more durability.