Collis Eyeglasses & Sunglasses

Collis Eyeglasses & Sunglasses

Just because the first fall breeze marks an end to your summer fun, it doesn’t spell ‘The End’ to all sorts of adventures life has to offer (or adventures that you would like to plan!). So, whether you are holed up indoors with a brain racking puzzle or plan on dashing through your outdoor quests, you need the perfect frames to enjoy what this season has to offer! Thus, Collis.

The Collis frames have a roomy width and an upswept brow that hints at a subtle cat-eye. Did we say cat eye again? These are not your bold feline frames, just a delicate upturn to give you panache, no flash.

To make every season as cool as summer, Collis is available in optical and sunwear versions, so that you can get the most of this seasonal change – whether indoors or outdoors. Presenting the Collis variants –

  • Lavender Crystal – Classic grey lenses

This lovely frame ensures that you put your best face forward while tackling that difficult puzzle, reading that intriguing novel or just trying to watch your favorite movie! Also available in classic grey lenses, this frame is sure to be the center of attention when you are out there braving the weather.

  • Striped Sassafras – Classic Brown lenses

Taking inspiration from all things woody, this striped Collis frame makes you stand out from the crowd. And yes, these are also available in classic brown lenses when you feel like stepping out to admire nature or just have some snowy fun with friends!

  • Tea Rose Fade – Flash mirrored Rose Gold lenses

Sometimes, you need to do away with classics and experiment with something more contemporary. That’s when you opt for a cool frame in soothing tea rose fade! This modern option has a lot of character – ideal for whatever mischief you are up to! Also available in rose gold lenses, look at the winter horizon in rose-tinted glasses (literally)!

The Collis quality

The ultra-feminine Collis silhouette is designed to look chic and sophisticated, irrespective of the year, month, day or your mood. They are crafted from premium cellulose acetate – Warby Parker’s signature material – and are cut from a single sheet to maintain color parity. To make them more durable, they are fitted with akulon coated screws and the frames are hand polished with German wax before they grace your peepers.

Talking about the lenses- they are made from high-end polycarbonate, thus being scratch and impact resistant. They also offer 100% UV protection and have an anti-reflective coating so that you can make the most of your sunshine moments! Oh, and did we forget to mention that the lenses are also treated with super hydrophobic coatings to repel moisture.

A fitting response

The Collis silhouette measures 54mm – 18mm – 145mm, and comes from Warby Parker’s Low Bridge Fit collection, meant for people with a wider face, higher cheekbones and/or a lower nose bridge.

Give Warby Parker’s home try-on program a shot where you can select five favorite frames and try them on from the comfort of your home! Isn’t that cool? You also get five days to seek opinions from your family, friends, or Warby Parker experts! All you need to do is use the hashtag #warbyhometryon on Twitter or Instagram. If you think this deal won’t be sweet on your pocket, the good news is that you get to try on these frames for free – shipping and returns included!

The frames are ‘Colling’…

Now that the fitting aspect is sorted, another question that must be nagging you is the cost, right? We have a nice surprise in store for you (we love being the good news bearers)! Starting at just $95, you get a pair of marvellous sunshades (or eyeglasses), with a 30-day, no-questions-asked return policy! Furthermore, you also get a one-year no-scratch guarantee on your lenses! Isn’t that great? Then how about opting for these sublime sunnies and optical wears to outshine others?