Mitchell Eyeglasses for Men & Women

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There are hundreds of eyeglasses currently sold in the market that focus on meeting the ever-changing demands of the wearers. However, not all of these products seem to address the needs of the wearers accordingly. Leveraging on its several years of experience in the eyewear market, Warby Parker is always on the front line of releasing products that can please the consumers. The company recently unveiled their Mitchell eyeglasses collection. This collection embodies what Warby Parker focuses on when releasing different eyewear products.

Price Matches Quality

Not all eyeglasses sold out there seem to have a balance between price and quality. When it comes to giving the wearers glasses that they can comfortably use in both indoor and outdoor contexts, Warby Parker always succeeds. Its Mitchell eyeglasses collection has a retail value of $95, which includes the prescription lenses. It feels good to spend your $95 on an eyewear product that goes well with most of your clothes and helps to bring out the boldness in you.

Uniqueness and Diversity

The Mitchell eyeglasses surely don’t disappoint when it comes to having exceptional designs. You can buy them in either earl grey or whiskey tortoise color designs depending on what you like. They are also available on Warby Parker’s online store and other online stores for both men and women. It is amazing how these glasses combine creativity with diversity when it comes to giving the wearers something they can enjoy.

Gorgeous Frames

One thing you can notice from Warby Parker’s glasses is the frames. The brand doesn’t toy around when making the frames stand out from other frames found in eyeglasses sold in the market today. You’ll definitely fall in love with the traditional bridge, sloped rectangular eye frame and generous frame width that the Mitchell glasses have. One thing you’ll also love about them is the hand-polished cellulose acetate that Warby Parker engineers used in making them. 

The frames have varying measurements depending on the shapes and sizes of the wearers’ faces. Don’t worry about your face dimensions when purchasing these eyeglasses since Warby Parker has all your needs covered. The frames have durable screws coated with Akulon, which is an impact-resistant and rust-resistant material.

Ideal for Those with Prescription

You actually need to get your eyes checked before thinking about buying the Mitchell eyeglasses. You can enlist the help of your personal eye doctor or schedule for an eye checkup from Warby Parker. Either way, the checkup procedures aim at determining what glasses suit you best. There are two options when it comes to prescription eyeglasses sold by Warby Parker. These include the progressive option and the single-vision option. 

You may need the progressive option if your eyes don’t suffer from the single field of vision problem.  This means that your eyes can adapt to viewing multiple things when you wear the eyeglasses. The progressive glasses also have standard polycarbonate lenses known for their durability. The single-vision option may apply to you if your eyes can only see a single object at a time. Just like the progressive ones, eyeglasses that fall under this category also have durable polycarbonate lenses.

Light-responsive Vs Clear Lenses

Warby Parker factored in the needs of wearers who like clear lenses and those who like light responsive ones. The clear lenses lack the capability of responding to changes in the sun rays. They have a durable, thin and light polycarbonate material in their fabric. Light-responsive ones have thousands of users across the globe since they can change to grey whenever the sun rays become so strong. 

They also change their color when the temperatures of a place change. The light-responsive lens can adapt to producing these color changes based on the intensity of the UV radiation and temperature. The treatment that allows for the automatic color changes lies in the lens so it’s impossible for it to peel off.

Free Shipping and Free Returns on all Purchases

As you shop online for your favorite eyeglasses, you expect the retailer to give you all the convenience you need. You may also want the shopping experience to be amazing and memorable. Well, look no further because Warby Parker listens to your demands. The company ships the eyeglasses to the buyers free of charge. Once purchased, the company gives you about 30 days to return the product if you didn’t get the satisfaction you needed from it.

Don’t worry about getting your lenses scratched. The company promises to give you a free maintenance service if the lenses develop scratch within their first 12 months of use. You can also order the eyeglasses easily from the official Warby Parker website. All you need to do is to find the glasses that you like, choose your prescription type and make the necessary payment for the seller to initiate shipping right away.