Fillmore Eyeglasses for Men & Women

Fillmore Eyeglasses for Men & Women

Warby Parker keeps winning over eyewear lovers across the globe with consistent ushering in of beautiful and trendy eyewear collections for every season. Warby Parker is without a doubt, a giant in the ophthalmic industry. They are rating tops in the ophthalmic e-commerce industry, having built a strong online presence with their applaudable services, and are developing their offline presence strongly with opened storefronts in various cities in the country.

Fillmore just gives you more of everything

Fillmore is one of the beautiful eyeglasses available for the season. This designer eyeglass from Warby Parker comes with more spice, sauce and suave. Okay here’s what it implies – when you don this eyeglass on, you go from a zero to a hundred real quick on your fashion allure.

The frames are designed for small to medium size faces, so you don’t have to stress about fit. It has a distinctive bold keyhole bridge, signature plaques and is made from hand polished thick cellulose acetate – they are the right pick for this season.

Starting at just $95, Fillmore is available in one color “Red Wood Ash” for both men and women. The color fits perfectly with any outfit as it has this semblance with the trendy tortoise hue. So whether you are looking for a chic pair of eyewear to hang on as you are out running errands, or a pair to go with your outfit and give your dress sense an upliftment, Fillmore is your perfect go-to option.

As far as style goes,  Fillmore is great and not only does this pair of eyeglass look good on you, prescription lenses are available to help you see better than you ever have – you can work all day on the computer hanging them on. The level of comfort it gives can even make you forget that you’re wearing them.

One brand to trust – Warby Parker

The philosophy of this amazing brand goes to show the brand’s value for humanity. Here, for every pair you buy,  one pair goes to the less privileged and in that way you have indirectly reached out to a life. More so, speaking of style, Warby Parker stands unmatched as the brand keeps up with producing stylish trendy eye wears for every season.

When it comes to quality, you can rest assured of the best from Warby Parker – All you get is quality and more quality. All eye wears are crafted from the best available materials and lenses provide 100% protection from Ultraviolet rays and are scratch-resistant – relax, nothing could possibly go wrong. However, if by chance your lens incurs any scratch (Warby has got you covered with their 12months guarantee) you’ll get a brand new replacement.

There’s a much more interesting detail about the brand – it gives its 100% trust to customers barring the risk. As a customer, you are entitled to the readily available 5-days home try on option where you get 5 glasses delivered to your doorstep and you try them on for five days before committing to buying one or more of your choice. In that way you can never go wrong.

Bottom line – A great pair of eyewear they say can make a huge difference but Fillmore even fills the tiniest of gap in between!