Epigraph Eyeglasses & Sunglasses Collection

Epigraph Eyeglasses & Sunglasses Collection

Here’s one for fashion lovers, fashion lovers, and more fashion lovers!

The outstanding eyewear brand Warby Parker has got you covered if what you are looking for is a stylish, chic and classy pair of eyewear to go with your office outfit or a great pair of casual. More so, if you are into the let’s take the bull by the horn kind of fashion, this new collection from Warby Parker will rock your world and should definitely be on the top of your radar.

Capturing the essence of unmatched prose and dexterity, Warby Parker has created yet another brilliant collection of sunglasses and eyeglasses this season – totally perfect for you if you want to make a statement with your glasses, anytime any day!

Whether you are having a great relaxation time by the poolside listening to your favorite songs or taking a long walk around the block, there’s a pretty style waiting for you to brace this season from the amazing Epigraph Collection.

The Epigraph Collection

The Epigraph collection picks up its name from the literary terminology epigraph. According to the brand, the term epigraph ( a small but critical detail usually found at the beginning of a novel and sets the tone for the book) for them refers to the understated yet punchy metal design detail that shows off and defines the basics of the six new limited-edition frames within the collection.

Each one of the pair of eyewear from the epigraph collection is a showstopper. You walk into a room with your lips sealed yet your eyewear does the introduction for you – that’s how fabulous they are!

Every pair of this brilliant collection is made in Italy and they all start at an affordable rate of $95 – $145. The glasses range from square frames to a bit of round shape, some cat-eye silhouettes and of course the unique metal details (Epigraph). Available in different shades of blue, classic black, pink, blush tortoise, the choice is yours to make – your must-have collection is here!

Enlisted below are the six designs from the limited edition collection – it sure would be a tough decision to pick one, as you just might want to be a proud owner of  half a dozen eye wears (all six)!

  • Warby Parker Louise Small 

This flattering pair of eyewear is available for women only. This cat eye silhouette glass is made for narrower faces and is crowned with the distinctive gold-like metal end pieces. Available in three colorway; Rosewater, Lapis Crystal and Jet Black – all three colors are fabulous and starts at $95!

  • Warby Parker Alcott

 Alcott is a squarish frame glass which features custom metal end pieces with an integrated hinge. This beauty is available for both men and women in the pecan tortoise color – tell you what! You can rock your tortoise anywhere you go. It starts at $145 including prescription lenses.

  • Warby Parker Yates

Yates is yet another one from this collection that brings “epic” to the show. This generous width and easy-going demeanor sunglasses come with adjustable nose pad and of course the distinctive custom metal end pieces – to top it all “a metal brow bar that adds just the perfect amount of character”. Its available for both men and women in the classic navy with classic grey lenses (speaking of more class!) and the irresistible acorn tortoise, all starting at $145.

  • Warby Parker Winnie

Winnie is that one pair of sunglasses you want to hang on if you are all about class and demeanor. The large lenses and eye-catching metal brow bar are the right amount of spice to hit up your demeanor. It also comes with an adjustable nose pad and custom metal end pieces. Winnie is available in two colorways – tulip (you’re definitely going to look pretty in that pink) and jet black with grey gradient lenses, all for the ladies in the building!

  • Warby Parker Hugo

Hugo more like “Hug” “O” is a statement eyewear that “hugs” you with an “O”. This classic round prescription lenses with an amazing keyhole bridge from the Epigraph collection has an immediate charm it gives to your persona. It also comes with the signature custom metal end piece as identified with the collection. Hugo is available in acorn tortoise for both men and women all starting at $145 – you can rock this piece as a couple!

  • Warby Parker Maeve

The Maeve round lenses and sloping shape eyeglasses are to die for (literally). This allure is available in Blush Tortoise with Gold (such a brilliant hue combo) and the Jet Black hue. Enhanced with the custom metal end piece with an integrated hinge creating a wraparound accent, this eyeglass as simple as it is would definitely put you in the “fly high” status. It is available for women and starts at $145 including prescription lenses.

All from the Italian genre

Each pair of eyewear from this heads turning collection was hand-assembled in Italy from a high-quality mix of premium cellulose acetate and custom-designed stainless steel.

Now, Question is – What are you waiting for? Why not make your ideal pick today

It’s high time you quit hanging out with those boring pair lurking in your wardrobe and embrace these charm to up your style and demeanor.

All pairs are made from the best of materials available in the market both for the lenses and framing – so you don’t need to bother about quality (they are stuck with you forever!)

Don’t let anything hinder you from looking suave your right pick is the Epigraph!