Durand Eyeglasses & Sunglasses


Tortoise shell glasses were a huge rave in the 50’s and they are still very popular today. A great example is Durand, from Warby Parker.

Distinctly Durand

The Durand collection is a retake on the timeless tortoise shell frames; only that they aren’t made of actual tortoise shells, instead the glasses are replaced by polycarbonate- to sustain the uber-fast and smart-age lifestyle of the millennial man! And no one does this better than Warby Parker-an eyewear brand every online shopper can identify with today.

It’s kind of commendable the way they redefine all the long-gone trends in eyewear fashion. Handcrafted with custom cellulose acetate, each Durand frame sits on a roundish lens with a wider nose bridge, to make enough room for a comfortable fit and quite a first impression (if the need arises). And the resilient polycarbonate lens makes these glasses stay true to their name- Durand, meaning “durable” in French and Latin.

A Style Well Defined

Not all tortoise shells are created equal. Before you pick your pair of eyewear make sure the colors aren’t too yellow or too orange. Choose from these Durand eyeglasses or sunglasses with the right ensemble and you can nail it like a celeb.

Woodland Tortoise with Classic Grey Lenses

A prominent tortoise shell frame sits on grey lenses to impart that much needed elegance to your work wear or your smart casuals. Also available for eyeglasses, which can become your signature style and that you can wear throughout the day.     

Whiskey Tortoise with Classic Blue Lenses

This subtle version of the traditional style comes with blue lenses for sunglasses, and the basic frames are also available for eyeglasses. Wear them with a white button-down and a dark tie. If you are wearing the eyeglasses in these frames, you can pair them with anything- your basic denim or cotton casuals, because one never goes wrong with a classic.

Deep Sea Blue with Vintage Blue Lenses

With light and dark striations across the frame, the deep-sea blue will indeed impart some depth to your fashion statement. It brings a whole new meaning to wearing patterned frames. Make these fade into transparent crystal halfway through, and you get Deep Sea Blue fade eyeglasses. Works great with most daily ensembles, ones that you pull off well, except of course the stiff-collared dinner formals.

Crystal & Blue Jay with Striped Indigo Temples

This is an option made only for prescription glasses and you wouldn’t want to miss this if you wear eyeglasses daily. Simple, with crystal frames and a well-defined blue outline on the inner rim and striped blue temples, these frames will bring a whole lot of sharpness to your persona.

Pocket Watch

We do love our sunnies and eyeglasses. But the wallet is definitely a concern. How do you determine how far to go or where to stop for a perfect pair of sunglasses or regular eyewear? As far as Durand frames are concerned, you don’t have to look beyond $95 for sunglasses and $145 for prescription glasses. Additionally, Warby Parker offers a 30-day return policy as a perk, supported by a 12-month replacement guarantee on damaged lenses.

Get your pair of Warby Parker Durand today!