Dempsey Sunglasses

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It’s fun to fall for the latest trends while browsing through the website of our absolute favorite eyewear brand – Warby Parker. Seriously, we are spoilt for choice! But, we have to admit, there are times when we long for a classic look without any frills. And guess what? Warby Parker has an answer to this, in the form of Dempsey, our stunningly classic aviators!

An era of Aviators

Ever wondered how these cool sunnies came into being? Well, we did stumble upon their history and it is quite interesting. The aviator frames were developed in the 1930s following a request by US Air Force pilots as they suffered from headaches and altitude sickness due to extreme glare from the sun.

The classic tear drop shape was perfect for them as it covered and protected their eyes completely. By the late ‘30s, this style of sunglasses became a luxury item for people who needed their vision to be protected when out hunting or fishing.

And since then, aviators have become the standard for cool quotient and have evolved through the ages – getting better with time. We have all been through the phase where we were dying to own our pair of aviators! We bet you did too, right? Isn’t that the reason Dempsey caught your attention?

The Warby Parker twist

Dempsey by Warby Parker is your staple aviator frame which is made for every situation, irrespective of seasons. On your way to work? Don this classic pair with your formal wears. Plan to unwind this weekend? Nail your look with a frame that oozes sophistication. Looking to ace your poolside look? Dempsey to the rescue!

We mean it when we say that this frame is versatile enough to suit everything (literally everything), in your wardrobe! Why are we so sure? Because this essential accessory is available in two amazing variants!

  • Polished Gold with Classic Brown Lenses

This elegant frame is designed to bring the best out of any outfit and make you stand out, because class. Teaming up blue jeans with a wild colored top? Don these shades to look like nothing less than a diva!

  • Jet Silver with Blue Mirror Lenses

If you are looking to rock some icy blue in your appearance and style, these shades are the perfect head turners! Maintaining their popular silhouette, these Dempsey sunglasses are ideal to help you achieve the runway look or add a dash of subtle pop to your appearance.

The modern make

These gender-neutral frames simply never go out of style. Whether you are a sun seeker or seek a less thrilling lifestyle, you need a reliable pair of glasses for all your quests. And it seems like Warby Parker has got this right – bang on! They have crafted this signature style from premium Japanese ion-plated titanium. It is the strongest yet the lightest material, making your pair of sunnies look not only stylish, but also durable – holding well under force. The reason they seem to have given their trademark material – custom cellulose acetate, a miss is because titanium has a high strength to weight ratio which makes it an ideal beauty treatment for your eyes.

Also, titanium is known for having anti-rust properties (yay!). That’s not all; these frames are packed with all the good stuff. They have PVC nose pads so that your impression doesn’t slip and you can say goodbye to those annoying pressure marks on your nose! They come with custom Warby Parker acetate temple tips which make this already stunning pair more striking.

Dempsey lenses offer 100% UV protection and are resistant to scratch and impact. You also get the option to choose between prescription and non-prescription lenses. Prescription lenses are made from polycarbonate and non-prescription ones are made with CR-39 for maximum clarity and color.

It’s time to walk the streets with aplomb, in a clean and classic silhouette that has always got you covered (pun intended), whatever be the occasion!

A fit within price

There’s always that one perfect pair of glasses that is made for each person. But we believe that Dempsey, Warby Parker’s stylish aviator, is made for everyone – no specific face types or occasions (we love this factor!). The Dempsey silhouette with a sleek brow bar comes in a wide fit, with the following measurements – 58mm -14mm -140mm.

Starting at $145, the lenses for this silhouette come with a one-year, no-scratch guarantee. You also get a 30-day, no-questions-asked return policy.

Your piece of classic right this way