Dahl Eyeglasses and Sunglasses


Aren’t there times when we wish our presence would just light up a room? Of course, it isn’t really possible because life is not a Disney movie. However, there are a few things in life that give us a bright smile – a peaceful stroll in a park, observing waterfalls, hanging out with good friends and so on. And Warby Parker (yet again!) infuses a sizzling spark in all these things of joy!

A stroll in the park? You need to protect your peepers from the sun! Observing a waterfall? Who’s going to shield your eyes? Meeting friends? Well, you have to look super cool and stylish, don’t you? This time, we have our eyes set on Dahl by Warby Parker.

Round Makes the World go Round

Initially, round sunnies were used by silent film actors to mask themselves in public; later they gained momentum in the late 60s and through the 70s – courtesy musical rebels like John Lennon. Of course, there were other celebrities like Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin who brought the limelight to round frames as well.

Da(hl) Overview

Dahl by Warby Parker is a fresh and modern approach to a classic frame – giving you a silhouette that is perfect for formal occasions and casual get-togethers!

Whether you are looking to ace the nerdy look or rock the ‘coolest human on this planet’ thing, this frame comes in optical and sunshade versions.

Pearled Tortoise

Round frames in tortoise shell are your ultimate recipe to be at the center of attention irrespective of where you wear them. These are also available with flash mirrored dusk lenses. Though all the Dahl frames are gender neutral, the sunny variant for this is only for all the divas out there.

English Oak

The subtle, blended browns give this frame a certain depth, making it extremely convenient and versatile. It’s also available in green-grey lenses.


Don’t you feel elated when you see a crystal-clear sky? It’s a sign that all your plans remain on schedule. Likewise, this crystal eyewear is a good news bearer. The transparency means that these neutral frames can be teamed with literally anything from your wardrobe. These are also available with classic blue lenses, another cool shade to maintain your cool quotient.

Rounding Up!

Dahl is made from Warby Parker’s signature material – custom cellulose acetate – which is sourced from an Italian factory. To maintain color parity, these frames are cut from a single acetate sheet. Also, the temple arms are fitted with akulon-coated screws – giving you a frame that is durable, lightweight, and stunning.

The lenses are made from polycarbonate for the optical ones while lenses for sunshades is made from premium polarised polycarbonate. They also offer 100% UV protection and are highly resistant to impact and scratch.

Fit to Buy

Dahl is a medium fit frame which comes in the following measurements – 51mm – 20mm – 145mm. It is specially designed for those with a low nose bridge, wide faces and high cheekbones. How is it different you ask? These frames have large nose pads to ensure that they fit without any tension or slippage. Secondly, the tilt of the lenses is adjusted in a way to provide more space between cheekbones and the frame. And thirdly, the arched temples allow more comfort by banishing pinching.

To make this entire process of buying a new pair easy, Warby Parker also offers a home try-on program. You get to select five of your favorite frames for five days to make up your mind. Isn’t that convenient and thoughtful? And economical too, as you don’t have to shell out even a penny for the shipping of these frames!

Starting at just $95, the Dahl glasses are a great catch. You also get a 30-day, no-questions-asked return policy.

Get Clicking!

Dahl is a boon for book lovers, sun lovers, and all sorts of outdoor lovers. Time to opt for these optical splendors and sunny warriors and make them your style statement.