Clementine Sunglasses

Clementine Sunglasses in Coral with Flash Mirror Cobalt lenses

Nature cannot always be kind enough to shade you under its leafiest greens. And that’s why we thought, why not welcome the summer with a dose of Vitamin C! Presenting the Clementine frame by Warby Parker in a color called…. (wait for it) ….. (keep waiting) …. *Coral!* After all, what’s  the fun of summer if you haven’t got your unique pair of sunnies to flaunt! It’s time to look at the golden summer sun in cobalt-tinted glasses.

The Product

Once a style statement of classic Hollywood icon- Steve McQueen and star of the golden era of British cinema- Vivien Leigh, this vintage trend has been revived thanks to the 21st century celebrities like Lady Gaga, Jessica Alba, Catherine Zeta Jones, and more. Comfortable, elegant and beautiful, this is a sunglass for the ones who want to make a bold statement.

If you are a lover of all-things vintage, or like to see yourself as a 60s vixen who doesn’t give a dime to what others think, these uber chic Clementine sunglasses are just for you.

As Warby Parker describe the Clementine- “With an exaggerated brow, a hint of a keyhole bridge, and round lenses, mask those mischievous gleams (no peeping!) and exude your inner diva”.

Quality Check

The frames of your glasses and its material make a huge difference to your comfort quotient and raise your fashion statement. The Clementine Coral glasses are lightweight, durable and made of acetate frame material. This also makes your precious glasses temperature resistant, comfortable and adds good flexibility to it.

If your main criteria for choosing a frame is its sturdiness and lightness, then this is the frame for you.

Through the Lenses

The lenses that you choose for your sunglasses determine whether you are actually being protected from the summer sun (you don’t want to get a headache in such a beautiful weather!). The glasses for this frame are designed and crafted in-house. They come with an anti-scratch and an optically reflective coating, that is exceptional in protecting your eyes from that big, bright star in the sky.

So, you can be carefree on your sunscapades with your Clementine companion.

Shape of You(r Face)

Your wardrobe is not complete without owning a timeless pair of sunglasses which has made an impactful comeback! The Clementine frame can instantly infuse a playful, laid-back, and glamorous touch to your look.

Though anyone can don this timeless accessory, it suits best if you have a square face. Why? So, that you can balance out your features and bask in the summer glory confidently.

If wearing the same color is not for you, the Clementine also comes in Espresso Tortoise with flash reflective brown gradient lenses. A new splash of colors for a new day!

Fit for purpose

Just like a perfectly fitting dress, your sunglasses should also fit properly. Imagine them sliding down your nose, or pressing uncomfortably against your ears, or pinching the bridge of your nose. Ouch!

So, how do you ensure a perfect fit? The frame should be slightly wider than your face, but not more than a finger’s width. Likewise, it should be on a level with your eyes. A titled one means the frame is not properly fitting. Furthermore, you need to check whether the arms of the frame are long enough to curve once they reach your ear. Like how we said earlier, you don’t want your pretty pair of glasses to slide down your nose!

The Clementine sunglasses come in wide- sized frame. This overall width takes the lens and bridge widths into account. These measurements are printed on the inside of the temple arms in this format – lens width – bridge width – temple width. The measurement for this pair is – 52mm – 21mm – 140mm.

Let’s Talk Money

In a season of yellow, orange, and red, save your greens and make others go green with envy.

Price can be one of the most important to consider while buying a great pair of sunglasses. But with this summer treat, you can be guilt-free. You get to own a pair of designer eyewear at a revolutionary price, starting at $95 only. Comfort? Check. Great quality? Check. Affordability? Check. These Warby Parker beauties are totally on the money!

 Get set for summer fun with these pretty little Clementines and money in your pocket.

Get You Summer Groove On!

Clementine is the perfect blend of classic and modern, durable enough to withstand your everyday adventures.

On a sunny summer afternoon, step out for a plunge in the pool or laze on the beach with a dose of vitamin C and loads of attitude. A pair so glamorous, it’s sure to make heads turn. Pair your most adored white bikinis and your sun- hat with these juicy little clementines- the perfect mix of classy yet contemporary, sassy yet chic.

Take a look at our summer debutants at Warby Parker.