Clark Eyeglasses for Men and Women

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If the words that define your persona are nothing short of “amazing, chic and classic”, then Warby Parker has got the best pick of eye wears for you this season. Whether you are looking for eyeglasses or sun shades, when it comes to this amazing brand, there is something you are sure to fall absolutely in love with.

Warby Parker’s eye wears give an added spice to your definition of style. With frames that will perfectly suit your manly or lady-like feel; more so, offering you the hippest glasses, great customer service and the best of prices for good quality designers of all time.

You are definitely going to love what Warby Parker has created this time – “Clark Series”.

There is something about square shaped frames that make them somewhat universal classics – they are a perfect fit for both round, oval, heart-shaped face or anything in between.  A sleek pair of square eyeglass frames has a way of blending into any character to suit the owner perfectly.

Warby Parker Clark comes in square shaped lenses. There is a unique subtle dip at the bridge, which makes Clark the very picture of smooth. Lenses are made from standard polycarbonate, the most impact-resistant material for eyeglasses. They also come with superhydrophobic, anti-reflective, and scratch-resistant treatments

Warby Parker’s Clark is available for both men and women in prescription and nonprescription lenses – All starting at $95.

Clark in Cognac Tortoise

Although black color eye wears have been the most predominant and universal; tortoiseshell hue has since taken over as the “it” color for eyewear in the world today – in fact, it is safe to say that tortoise shell is the new black! Well, it sure would not be an exaggeration to say that if you are not wearing tortoise, you are losing out on style.

Clark is available in the cognac tortoiseshell hue which is a distinctive classic brown and honey yellow tortoise blend – totally flawless, timeless and is the ideal frame for you this season.

Clark in Blue Marble Wood

The traditional inspired look of this eyewear is totally amazing. The marble wood color with a touch of blue hue makes for the retro look of this glasses.

You are totally going to fall for it as it makes you stand out in the crowd. Awesomely chic and truly unique – it could just be that free pass to untainted style like you have always longed for.

A brand that stands out

Warby Parker is a brand founded with a simple objective – to offer high-quality designer eye wears at attention-grabbing prices while also seeking to reach out to the world at large with their philosophy of giving to charity. Far from having a brick and mortar presence, the brand also aims at taking the lead in building a socially conscious and online prevalent business.

Warby Parker figured out how expensive glasses are, how much it could possibly cost an average person to replace a lost pair, or how people get to hang on a pair for years trying to cut costs (when there are more adorable glasses to drool over), and so they made a resolve to produce high-quality affordable glasses – anyone can be an owner of a designer pair!

More so, the brand also understands how difficult it is to find a pair of great eyewear and so have taken it up as a challenge to keep producing more and more stylish, trendy and agelong eye wears – you could ask the cool guy down the walkway!

With Warby Parker, you get the best at the best price tag, you end up satisfied, sophisticated and suave – shopping for eye wears have never been super fun and easy! (so intriguing – it leaves you good money in your wallet).

More than just style

No doubt, Warby Parker offers amazing styles, such that even when you don’t seem to have a fashion sense, you don on a pair and you just are the super cool guy around the block. However, aside from a touch of unique style, Warby Parker’s eyeglasses go a long way to give you 100% protection from ultraviolet rays. They are made from hand-polished cellulose acetate and akulon coated screws, so you are sure of durability.

Their idea around customer satisfaction is overwhelming. From decent prices to home free try on program (where customers get to try 5 pairs of glasses at home for five days until they come up with a perfect pair), unbeatable 30 days no question asked return policy, or the 12months anti-scratch guarantee – the brand is totally fabulous.

With Warby Parker, you are a topmost priority – giving that high quality, unique, designer, better-looking, nonprescription and prescription eyewear at a fraction of the going price, just a click away from you!

Try Clark eyewear from Warby Parker today and there’ll be no room for regrets.