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Top 5 Benefits of Buying Glasses from Warby Parker

When it comes to buying designer eyeglasses, most people may not afford the hefty bill. After all, a new pair often costs hundreds of dollars! So, even if an individual's prescription has changed over the years, they'll continue to wear an older, outdated pair of glasses. That decision can put considerable strain on their eyes and cause unpleasant symptoms, such as blurry vision, headaches, and dizziness. But what other choice do they have, you ask?

Warby Parker Makes a Difference

What do you think happens when an innovative idea meets three brilliant, business grads? A million-dollar company? Now add a sense of philanthropy to that. And you get Warby Parker- a cool eyewear brand that not only stands for style but has disrupted the entire eyewear industry with its business ideology. Started with one simple need- to provide eyewear (including sunglasses) for people at a price more reasonable and competitive (than the current market), Warby Parker is a name that resonates with every millennial in America today.