Topper Eyeglasses & Sunglasses for Women

Investing in a new pair of shades, whether or not the sunny days are around the corner does not spell “frittering your cash away.” Sunglasses play a huge role in the character you portray to others and speak a lot about your personality, poise and style.

More so, it is always nice to have a collection of some good pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses that could go a long way in complementing your outfit and enhancing your overall appearance.

Getting your hands around that flattering pair of sunglasses could be quite an adventure. Well in any case, be sure to find out the correct figures or measurements before you buy and of course, look out for that pair that speaks bold to your feminine flair.

Warby Parker has got a new collection of eyewear – “Topper series”

Warby Parker’s topper series comes with an exciting collection of sunglasses and eyeglasses. The designs, ranging from the lenses (including polarized lenses) to the frames are absolutely fabulous; the color tones and texture, the unique shapes are a proof of Warby Parker’s tremendous creativity and skillfulness.

Topper sunglasses: River stone blue fade with vintage blue lenses

When in need of a pair of sunglasses that speak awesomeness, character, style and all-round goodness to compliment your outfit – Warby Parker’s River stone blue fade with vintage blue lenses is definitely the right pick for you!

This collection from Warby Parker is certainly a wardrobe essential – it’s up to scratch for every season and occasion! The vintage blue lenses do not discriminate; they are not all “old school retro”; rather they give such stylish, elegant, expensive and a bit dandy look.

Its frames are categorized as narrow, medium, and wide frames. Tell you what! -With this variation in sizes, you are sure to find your most comfortable pair of glasses!

Topper eyeglasses

The lenses offers a large area of clear vision, are scratch resistant, made from thin, light, impact-resistant polycarbonate and it offers 100% UV protection. For this series, Warby Parker offers prescription and non-prescription (reading) options.  The prescription options are great, offering:

  • Single-vision option – correction of one field of vision.
  • Progressive option – offers multiple corrections in one lens (distance, computer,and reading)

River stone blue fade and whiskey tortoise

River stone blue fade and whiskey tortoise eyeglasses are circular and inflected with a few dashing angles. These sunglasses are made from the finest of hand polished cellulose acetate.

Does that define a class apart? Well, of course, it does! – Cellulose acetate is amongst the best quality plastic materials for glasses in the market. The use of cellulose acetate makes for durability alongside comfort, owing to the light weight and flexibility properties of the material. More so, the screws are akulon coated which is more like an icing on the cake (talking about more durability).

Worried about finding the perfect fit for you?

“No worries” is the key code as Warby Parker has got your back. For each pair of Warby Parker’s glasses, the measurements can be found imprinted on the inside of the temple arm. Interestingly, this is also the case for a couple of other eyewear brands, so if you already possess a pair of glasses that you like, you can compare measurements to see to it that you get the perfect fit for you.

It doesn’t end there

If you have troubles deciding the right shape of lenses, whether square or round, Warby Parker offers unique specs with circular shaped lenses with an unexpectedly ridged bottom.

It can only get better

Warby Parker promises a 30-day, no questions asked return policy, as well as a free replacement of your scratched lenses within a period of 12 months. Scratch that! With Warby Parker, your investment is safe as you are entitled to free shipping and free returns anytime any day!

Bottom line

Speaking of style, quality and value, you have it all in this one package! Warby Parker’s topper series are certainly a must-have in your wardrobe this season. This set of glasses are ideal for any occasion. Whether it’s an office outfit or casual wear for a date at the park, you definitely would need one of this! What are you waiting for? Get yourself this smart, sophisticated and chic look from Warby Parker today and let your glasses speak for you!