Durand Sunglasses by Warby Parker - In-Depth Review

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“Not quite square, not quite round, Durand strikes a perfect balance all while making a sharp first impression.”

Durand Sunglasses Review for Women and Men

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Durand Style

These sunglasses come in a shape that is not quite square, not quite round, giving you the best of both worlds in one frame. This collection resembles the ‘Wayfarer’ eyewear design that strikes a perfect balance between formal and informal settings, making you look stylish anywhere you go. In addition, this fully rimmed eyepiece has clean lines and a proportional acetate framework that accentuates your appearance by balancing out the angles of your face.

Durand Fit

The smoothly contoured saddle nose bridge offers more than just aesthetics, ensuring strength and stability to the frame. The narrow bridge sits below your forehead chakra, providing a hassle-free fit. Acetate nose pads are broad and curved, ensuring a comfortable grip. Equally proportioned lenses enable an unobstructed view of the world. Round glasses complement triangular, square, and diamond-shaped faces. However, the series comes in an extra narrow, narrow, medium, wide, and extra-wide fit, making it ideal for almost all face shapes.

Like most eyewear brands, measurements for Warby Parker glasses can be found on the inside of the temple arm. There you’ll find lens width (50 mm), bridge (20 mm), and temple length (145 mm). If you already have a pair that you like, you can compare it to those measurements.

  • Frame width 139 mm: The horizontal diameter of the full frame width, and it’s the primary way we determine fit. (Note: You will not find this number on your glasses.)
  • Lens width 50mm: The horizontal diameter of one lens.
  • Bridge 20 mm: The width of the bridge section.
  • Temple length 145 mm: The length of the entire temple arm, from the front of the frame to the tip.
  • Made from hand-polished cellulose acetate
  • Akulon-coated screws for durability
  • Prescription lenses are made from polycarbonate, the most impact-resistant material for sunglasses; non-prescription lenses are made from CR-39 for maximum clarity and color
  • Includes scratch-resistant lenses that block 100% of UV rays

Durand Design Details

These sunglasses are here to help you make a sharp first impression through their angular silhouette and the right amount of curves. Angled on the rim and rounded on the edges, this unique framework offers a versatile style that balances your look. The seamlessly square top rim accentuates the lines of your forehead. The soft edges on the bottom bring attention to your cheekbones while balancing the distinct angles of your jawline. The well-tailored end pieces complement the outer edges of your eyes. The long and lean temple arms swirl around your ears, leaving no marks behind. Durand’s refined versatility ensures that it’ll work just as efficiently with a suit as it will with your favorite pair of joggers.

Durand Quality

The frames are made using custom cellulose acetate. Cellulose acetate is a plant-based and biodegradable material. Acetate frames are very flexible, durable, hypoallergenic, and environmentally friendly. It also helps preserve the style, colors, and patterns of Durand over time. Akulon-coated screws and barrel hinges enhance the durability of the frames. The eyepiece is adorned with wraparound hinges in polished metal. Non-prescription lenses use CR-39, which is half the weight of glass, making them easy to carry. These premium polarized lenses made with CR-39 ensure maximum color intensity and clarity. Prescription lenses use Polycarbonate, which is an impact-resistant material that keeps the lenses from shattering and breaking when subjected to various external factors. The lenses are treated with scratch-resistant coatings that provide clear vision. In addition, these high-quality lenses block 100% of UV rays, thus protecting the eyes.

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Durand Price and Availability of Colors

Durand arms you with confidence in five striking colors: Crystal, Jet Black with Gold, Rose Water, Whiskey Tortoise, and Oak Resin Matte. Starting at a non-designer price of $95, these unisex sunglasses are here to help you make a playful statement.


Crystals are naturally occurring minerals that inspire the coloration of this variant. A symbol of peace and purity, crystals have a colorless or transparent sheen with undertones of silver. The sheer tones of Crystal cover the frame to exude a whiff of intrigue on your face. Dark-tinted lenses complement the shade. Wearing Durand in Crystal will allow you to approach the day with confidence.

Oak Resin Matte

The sap produced by an Oak tree is known as Oak Resin, which influences this variant’s coloration. It has a woody brown shade with black and yellow undertones. The warm tones of Oak Resin color the frame to create a beautiful glow on your face. It is further coated with a matte finish that imparts a polished effect to the eyewear. Green-tinted lenses create stunning contrast. Add magnanimous charm to your personality with Durand in Oak Resin Matte.

Jet Black with Gold

This variant is a part of Warby Parker’s “Epigraph Collection”. It is a limited edition series made in Italy that employs a custom metal end piece with an integrated hinge. This wraparound accent enhances the overall aesthetic of the frame.
Jet Black is considered the darkest shade of black. Jet is a semi-precious mineraloid lignite found underwater. With purple and blue undertones, it acquires a metallic sheen. Gold is a precious metal that has been used in making ornamental jewelry since the inception of time. It has a yellow shade with undertones of red and brown. Bold tones of Jet Black cover the frame to impart an authoritative appeal to your face. The metallic gold end pieces add a layer of oomph to your persona. Dark-tinted lenses complement your overall personality. Add charismatic confidence to your aura with Durand in Jet Black with Gold.

Rose Water

When stored in water for long periods of time, Rose petals release a pink color into the liquid which inspires this variant’s coloration. It has a blush pink hue with a touch of transparency, reminiscent of a rose’s fragile and perishable petals. The soft tones of Rose Water cover the frame to impart a fresh glow to your face. Gradient lenses create a beautiful contrast. This variant also comes in a ‘Low Bridge Fit,’ making it suitable for people with wider faces and higher cheekbones. Embrace the beauty of roses with Durand in Rose Water.

Whiskey Tortoise

The warm colors of whiskey come from the barrel in which it is stored. It has a rich auburn to deep ginger shade with golden honey undertones. Refined tones of Whiskey cover the frame to add boldness to your look. It is further mottled with black-brown tortoiseshell specks to create an intriguing texture. Dark-tinted lenses create a visually appealing contrast. This variant also comes in a ‘Low Bridge Fit’, making it perfect for people with higher cheekbones and broader faces. Elevate your style statement with Durand in Whiskey Tortoise.

Green Garnet Fade

“Garnet” comes from the Latin word Granatum, which means a dark red color. Akin to pomegranate seeds, the upper half of the frame exhibits a deep reddish-brown shade. Inspired by this gemstone that abounds hope, the earthy tint with a luminous touch adds glow to your face. Known for its power of growth, Green Garnet is a rare gemstone with an isometric crystal structure. The green color also represents spirituality. The bottom of the frame boasts a chrome green tint that fades into the richness of the shade at the top. Capture the beauty of nature in all its glory with Durand in Green Garnet Fade.

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Durand Summary

Warby Parker is a socially conscious company that gives back to the community with its “Buy a Pair, Give a Pair” initiative. The brand makes affordable, designer eyewear and has recently unveiled the Durand Series. A part of their “Winter Collection”, the series exhibits a roundish square shape, which first became fashionable during the mid-century modern era. Janelle Monae has been spotted wearing a similar shaped eyewear at various public appearances, thus bringing the style back in vogue.

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Warby Parker Timeline

“Making a difference, one pair of eyeglasses at a time” is what defines Warby Parker. It is a socially conscious company which is one of the leading eyewear companies in the United States, founded in 2010. It was born out of a problem that conceptualized into a world-changing idea. The concept of Warby Parker came to four college students when one of them lost their eyeglasses during a backpacking trip. In the quest to replace them, the prices quoted by local optical stores were astronomical. They decided to find an alternative to this problem of sky-shooting prices of a basic necessity. Warby Parker’s “Buy One Pair, Give One Pair” program donates a pair of eyeglasses for every pair sold. This notion not only encourages individuals to have access to reasonably priced eyewear but also builds compassion in the community. 

Buy with Warby Parker

An outstanding and heart-warming experience is what you can expect from Warby Parker. The brand meets the needs of its eye wearer by designing and launching new collections from time to time. Customers are entitled to a 30-day return policy if the product is not what they expected. Otherwise, try out the “free home try-on” option and receive your five favorite frames for free so you can change your mind later. Before you purchase anything, take a look at how Warby Parker can make you happier. The brand offers a one-year scratch-free guarantee for lenses, so if you get any scratch on your lenses within one year, you’ll get a brand-new pair of prescription glasses. Be certain to avoid dissatisfaction and choose the right piece to uplift your face for style and impression.

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