Moriarty Eyeglasses

Moriarty Eyeglasses

Isn’t it cool to rock eyeglasses that are affordable and stylish at the same time? Wearing eyeglasses shouldn’t be a boring thing. You should find glasses that bring out the best in you. The glasses also need to complement your look whenever you step out of your house or office. Well, the good news for those with a prescription for wearing eyeglasses is that Warby Parker surprised us once again. The highly-reputable eyewear brand released its latest Moriarty eyeglasses collection. 

There’s Something for Everyone

Warby Parker included the needs of both men and women when releasing the Moriarty eyeglasses. These glasses come in Jet Black Matte designs for both men and women. With a starting price of $145, one can buy his or her favorite glasses from the collection without breaking a sweat. The most amazing thing about the glasses is that the fee is inclusive of prescription lenses. 

You Got to Love the Frames

One reason why Warby Parker’s eyewear products gain so much popularity is that the company never disappoints when it comes to building frames for the glasses. The company’s Moriarty eyeglasses series feature frames made of a polished metallic material. To be precise, the frames consist of stainless steel and hand-polished cellulose acetate for durability. The engineers of the frames used special screws, coated with Akulon, to hold the frames on both sides of the bridge together. The glasses also boast of uniquely-fitted nose pads that provide you the comfort you need as you wear them during your day-to-day activities. 

What You Should Know about the Frame Measurements

The glasses have a medium, small or large frame fit depending on the face size and shape of the wearer. Warby Parker understands that we all have different face shapes and sizes thus the need for eyewear products to come in various sizes. The company proves to understand the needs of the wearers by releasing the glasses in three different frame fit sizes. 

To know which frame measurement suits you, it is important that you visit your optician who will measure the sizes for you and recommend the best glasses. You can also use Warby Parker’s free online service for determining the ideal glasses people should wear based on their facial features. 

Do You Need a Prescription for the Glasses?

Unlike sunglasses that most people wear without prescription, you need a prescription before deciding to buy eyeglasses. Don’t hesitate to approach your eye doctor and explain what you’re experiencing. The doctor must recommend eyeglasses as a solution after evaluating your condition and diagnosing your eyes. Before purchasing any of the Moriarty glasses from Warby Parker, you need to upload to the brand’s website a scanned copy of your doctor’s prescription or recommendation. 

The prescription options for the glasses included on Warby Parker’s website include single-vision and progressive options. The single-vision option, which comes with standard polycarbonate lenses, suits many people since it corrects one field of vision (reading or distance). Its lenses consist of impact-resistant fabric for durability.

The progressive option is suitable for those who are looking for glasses that can provide them with multiple corrections on one lens. These individuals may be experiencing problems when trying to see far objects, to read or operate a computer. Once they wear glasses with the progressive option, they will no longer have to strain their eyes to switch between the multiple lens pairs. This option is suitable for you if your doctor included an “ADD” value in your prescription. Just like the single-vision option, glasses that come with the progressive option also feature impact-resistant fabric and standard polycarbonate lens.

Unique Lens Offerings

The Moriarty eyeglasses boast of standard (clear) and light responsive lens offerings. The standard ones come coupled with scratch-resistant, impact-resistant and anti-reflective materials.  They weigh less when compared to their other lenses in the market since they have a polycarbonate fabric. 

The light-responsive ones can adapt to changing color when UV exposure on the glasses either increases or decreases. When walking in the sun with these eyeglasses on, you’ll notice that their lens will automatically change from being clear to grey. This mechanism helps the lenses to shield your eyes from the damaging effects of excess UV light.

The Catch

The Moriarty eyeglasses by Warby Parker should definitely be on your shopping list if you have a prescription. These glasses are on top of their game when it comes to providing you with 100 percent UV protection. They also retail at a cost-effective price of $145 and have 30-day long free return policies. Warby Parker won’t charge you anything for shipping the glasses to a location of your choice. Within the first 12 months of buying and using the lenses of Moriarty eyeglasses, Warby Parker will always replace any scratched lenses on your behalf. The company’s representative will conduct the replacement service as soon as you request it.