Dorian Eyeglasses Warby Parker Review

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Dorian Eyeglasses - Warby Parker - Root Beer - 50-17-140 - Men

Dorian eyeglasses in Root Beer (Non-Rx)
Dorian eyeglasses in Root Beer (Non-Rx)
Dorian Eyeglasses - Warby Parker - Root Beer - 50-17-140 - Men
Dorian Eyeglasses - Warby Parker - Root Beer - 50-17-140 - Men

Dorian Eyeglasses - Warby Parker - Root Beer - 50-17-140 - Men

Dorian is available in medium width
If your face is average in size, which is most common, this frame should fit you well. Unsure of your size? Select a few different options in a free Home Try-On.

Color: Root Beer
  • Root Beer
Gender: Men / Unisex
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Sans nose bridge, Dorian’s geometric silhouette is defined by its bold single brow bar. For extra oomph, we added sculptural end pieces that punctuate the face front.

Dorian Eyeglasses for Men and Women

Computer screens and mobile phones have adverse effects on your vision. In short, eyes are not designed to cope up with the modern technological world. To survive the digital era, eyeglasses have been designed as a protection accessory while being stylish and attention-grabbing. Warby Parker took the initiative of producing eyepiece collections that will help you stand out of the crowd. The brand has introduced yet another collection, Dorian series with a sense of completeness. The eyeglasses have a unique geometric shape which will accentuate your personality!

Whether you are scrolling Instagram or turning magazines, you might notice innovations in eyewear’s design and style. Since ages, Warby Parker has started creating aesthetically functional eyeglasses that can transpose your aura with its uniqueness. The Dorian series will give you an identity that is far from ordinary. Inspired by the modern classic, the sunglasses will add definition to the contours of your face. Ideal to wear it on a beach, sundeck or local park, the geometric shape of Dorian can never be more appealing.

Dorian Series

Be different, be better with Dorian series. The geometric shape will stand the test of time with no sign of being unnoticed! The series is all rage that is designed to help your new personal style shine through. Dorian eyeglasses are fabricated with hand polished Cellulose Acetate that makes the frames more appealing. Preferable for its high quality and better construction, the signature material used by Warby Parker is sturdy and vigorous than any other metal. The frames produced with Cellulose Acetate are lightweight and efficient while being comfortable and flexible for the wearer. During the late 40s, the material was first used for framing and till now, it is being used for its non-allergic quality, meaning no reaction to your delicate and smooth skin. Lavishly crafted with fine details and precision, the geometric shaped eyeglasses will be a head-turner for you.

Dorian fits like it’s made for you. Enriched with some modern inspiration, the frames can add a touch of lavishness to any outfit. With the revamped shape of Dorian eyeglasses, you’ll be content with a face-based embellishment like no other. The style continues to dominate your personality by shifting the focus on the top bar. Crafted with a bold fully-rimmed flat-top frame, these unique glasses will add ultra-feel glam to the contours of your face. The sunglasses feature a sans nose bridge with a circular geometric silhouette that will bring balance to your persona. Moreover, the shape is defined by its bold single brow bar that will flare up the charming eyes while the straight bottom will create the lift around the cheekbones.

Dorian eyeglasses in Root Beer (Non-Rx)

With time and trend, the world is embracing the newness of fashion. Yet, taking inspiration from the functionality and durability, Warby Parker keeps pace with the stylish precision engineered eye wears. Fabricated with Akulon-coated screws fitted at the hinges, the eyeglasses are here to stay for long. These screws keep the frame firm right in the place, so get satisfied with durable and comfortable eyeglasses. Plus, to add an extra oomph to your style, the designers framed eyepiece with sculptural end pieces that punctuate the face front. Dorian comes in single attractive color Root Beer, which is made for you to enjoy. Available at a non-designer price tag of $95, these gender neutral eyeglasses are something to fall in love with!

Root Beer

Be what you want to be, who you want to be and when you want to be with geometric shaped eyeglasses. The blend of two heartwarming shades will add a pinch of classiness to your style. With the dark shade of Brown and light Golden Strips, the eyeglasses will ensure an attention grabbing effect. The unique shape with innovative design will make you feel like a brand-new again.

The frames are designed with medium size width, so no second thought about the right fit. Intriguing, isn’t it?

Warby Parker- Mission & Vision

Warby Parker was founded in 2010 with a rebellious spirit and lofty objective. At that time, the eyewear industry was dominated by a single company for decades, so the founders Neil, Andrew, David, and Jeffrey, set out to revolutionize that. The intention was to make fashionable and quality eyewear within reach of everyone. Warby Parker was introduced as an alternative where stylish design frames including lenses start at $95. Through in-house designers and collaborations with celebrities, the frames fabricated with fine-details to make it functional yet chic. Producing lenses in-house and selling directly to the public helped reduce the middleman and brought savings to the consumer.

Buying Policies

When it comes to amazing service, nothing can beat the unmatched customer assistance by Warby Parker. The brand produces smash hit eyewear collections, you can’t say no to!

Moreover, get benefits from amazing deals, with no occasion. The “home try-on” option is something you can get intrigued by! When it’s hard to make choices, have 5 of your favorite frames delivered at your place. Every purchase is entitled with a 30-day, hassle-free return or exchange policy, as well as a one-year no scratch guarantee for lenses, you can place your order with confidence. As when you notice any scratch within the first 12 months of your purchase, you’ll get a free replacement.

Looking for a budget-friendly purchase? Choose 3 payments of $32 with Affirm and live with benefits offered by this outstanding brand. Shop with Warby Parker and save no regrets for later!


Sans nose bridge, Dorian’s geometric silhouette is defined by its bold single brow bar. For extra oomph, we added sculptural end pieces that punctuate the face front.

  • Made from hand-polished cellulose acetate
  • Akulon-coated screws for durability


Like most eyewear brands, measurements for Warby Parker glasses can be found on the inside of the temple arm. There you’ll find lens width (50 mm), bridge (17 mm), and temple length (140 mm). If you already have a pair that you like, you can compare it to those measurements.

  • Frame width 135 mm: The horizontal diameter of the full frame width, and it’s the primary way we determine fit. (Note: You will not find this number on your glasses.)
  • Lens width 50 mm: The horizontal diameter of one lens.
  • Bridge 17 mm: The width of the bridge section.
  • Temple length 140 mm: The length of the entire temple arm, from the front of the frame to the tip.

Additional information


Root Beer


Men / Unisex

Frame Width

135 mm

Lens Width

50 mm

Bridge Width

17 mm

Temple Length

140 mm