Butler Eyeglasses Warby Parker Review

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Butler Eyeglasses Review - Warby Parker - Jet Black - 52-19-145 - Women

Jet Black
Jet Black
Jet Black
Jet Black
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Butler Eyeglasses Review - Warby Parker - Jet Black - 52-19-145 - Women

Butler is available in narrow and medium
Choose a width that corresponds with your face width. If you’re still unsure, select a few different sizes in a free Home Try-On.

Color: Jet Black
Gender: Women
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Butler is a studious shape that would look right at home in a private library with lots of leather-bound tomes. Looks great in the outside world too, though.

Butler Eyeglasses for Men and Women

Want to brighten up your fashion statement? Adding eyeglasses to your wardrobe will not only flaunt your personality but also your style sense to the world. Warby Parker keeps conquering the hearts of eyewear lovers with beautiful and trendy collections for every season. The brand has introduced the latest series Butler that will add more spice, sauce and suave to your persona. These round lens eyeglasses create a vintage inspired look that will definitely make you look stunning.

In spite of a casual look, glasses are an addition to your classic, business chic look. Similarly, Butler collection is good-to-go with every outfit and helps to bring out the hidden traits of you. Ideal to mix-match with denims, shorts, dresses and jumpsuits, these iconic round eyeglasses will ooze your confidence and let you grab the attention that you desire for. These gender-neutral eyeglasses are available at a pocket-friendly price of $95, including prescription lenses.

Butler Design and Style

Round eyeglasses have always drooling people with their shape variations. The fashion icon has gone all the way to curate in the eyewear’s top list. The Butler series of eyeglasses are an embodiment of true essence of style and class. Fabricated with hand polished Cellulose Acetate, these round lens eyeglasses are a fashion icon that will elevate your look. Warby Parker’s signature material not only makes the eyewear comfortable but tough and sturdy as well. Moreover, the eyeglasses are hypo allergic to your skin so no matter how long you’re carrying them they won’t affect your soft and sensitive skin.

Butler series is a studious shape of eyeglasses that doesn’t stand back in the game of fashion. Whether you are trying it at home in a private library with lots of leather bound tomes or sauntering around the world on the streets of Rome, these eyeglasses will add a finishing touch to your look. The eye piece consists of Akulon coated screws that offer durability and makes them tough and sturdy. Moreover, the eyeglasses feature extended end pieces that will soften those hard angles of your face. Available in 4 fabulous colors including Teal Tortoise, Shoreline Fade, Butterscotch Tortoise and Jet Black, these timeless pair of eyeglasses add an uptown touch to your wardrobe.

Butler m eyeglasses in Shoreline Fade

Your style statement can’t go wrong with Butler series of eyeglasses. Grabbing a flattering round shape frame like Butler will coordinate with your face shape as they are made to your exacting specifications. Choosing the accurate size is not challenging as they can effortlessly fit a narrow and medium width face. The overall frame is of 139 mm; while the horizontal width of the lens is 52 mm and the bridge section is 19 mm perfectly adjusting to the top of your nose. Moreover, 145 mm is the length of the entire temple arm, so no matter how long the distance from your eye to ear is, the glasses will compliment everyone out there!

Warby Parker History

Warby Parker was founded in 2010 with a rebellious spirit and lofty objective. At that time, the eyewear industry was dominated by a single company for decades, so the founders Neil, Andrew, David, and Jeffrey, set out to revolutionize that. The intention was to make fashionable and quality eyewear within reach of everyone. Warby Parker was introduced as an alternative where stylish design frames including lenses start at $95. Through in-house designers and collaborations with celebrities, the frames fabricated with fine-details to make it functional yet chic. Producing lenses in-house and selling directly to the public helped reduce the middleman and brought savings to the consumer.

Extraordinary Benefits

Either use it indoors or outdoors, Warby Parker always succeeds in giving the eye wearers the comfort that they need. By shopping with Warby Parker you can not only get the amazing experience but can expect the convenience. Once purchased, the customers are entitled to take advantage of the 30 days return policy so if you didn’t get the satisfaction, the brand will take back its product.

The idea of serving the world is overwhelming. The brand offers a home try on program where customers get 5 pairs of eyepieces for five days so you can pair it with your best outfits. Even the 12 months scratch replacement policy lets you wear the eyeglasses all day long without any care. The brand is fabulous, isn’t it? Nothing could possibly go wrong when it comes to buying from Warby Parker. Click to browse the amazing collection!


Butler is a studious shape that would look right at home in a private library with lots of leather-bound tomes. Looks great in the outside world too, though.

  • Made from hand-polished cellulose acetate.
  • Akulon-coated screws for durability.


Like most eyewear brands, measurements for Warby Parker glasses can be found on the inside of the temple arm. There you’ll find lens width (52 mm), bridge (19 mm), and temple length (145 mm). If you already have a pair that you like, you can compare it to those measurements.

  • Frame width 139 mm: The horizontal diameter of the full frame width, and it’s the primary way we determine fit. (Note: You will not find this number on your glasses.)
  • Lens width 52 mm: The horizontal diameter of one lens.
  • Bridge 19 mm: The width of the bridge section.
  • Temple length 145 mm: The length of the entire temple arm, from the front of the frame to the tip.

Additional information


Jet Black



Frame Width

139 mm

Lens Width

52 mm

Bridge Width

19 mm

Temple Length

145 mm