Briggs Eyeglasses Warby Parker Review

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Briggs Eyeglasses Review - Warby Parker - Layered Jet Black Crystal - 51-21-142 - Men

Layered Jet Black Crystal
Layered Jet Black Crystal
Layered Jet Black Crystal
Layered Jet Black Crystal
Layered Jet Black Crystal
Briggs Eyeglasses Review - Warby Parker - Layered Jet Black Crystal - 51-21-142 - Women

Briggs Eyeglasses Review - Warby Parker - Layered Jet Black Crystal - 51-21-142 - Men

Briggs is available in wide width
If you have a wide or broad face, this frame should fit you well. Unsure of your size? Select a few different options in a free Home Try-On.

Color: Layered Jet Black Crystal
Gender: Men / Unisex

Briggs is not your average round-lensed frame. It blends a sculpted face front and keyhole bridge, plus pronounced end pieces with a trace of feline spirit.

Briggs Eyeglasses for Men and Women

Searching for the perfect eyeglasses to saunter around the world in? Warby Parker will halt your hunt. The brand will mesmerize you with its wondrous new collection of eyeglasses that never lack style. Briggs series will not only give a buzz to your persona but leave you awestruck by its design and style.

Round eyeglasses have been a super hot style statement. Thanks to Elton John, John Lennon, Johnny Depp and none other than, the famous round-specs wearer Harry Potter to spread the craze of the iconic fashion. These disco-era eyeglasses have been all over the place while fashion forward celebrities have been embracing the trend. The round eyeglass design was first originated in the wire for military use and released in the early 1930s. But the shape was revolutionized in Acetate after World War II. The style is epitome of the retro fashion that provides final touch to your outfit.

Being a miniature of ease and comfort, Briggs eyeglasses will give you an all-new look. These round eyeglasses have been revived slightly with variations that will top-notch your fashion game.

Briggs Design and Style

Briggs is all about retro-meets-modern finish. Crafted with hand polished Cellulose Acetate, these round lens eyeglasses are a fashion icon. The material used by Warby Parker not only makes the eyewear light and comfortable but tough and sturdy as well. Moreover, the eyeglasses are hypo allergic to your skin so no matter how long you’re carrying them they won’t affect your soft and sensitive skin. The enticing feature is the keyhole bridge that will perfectly fit on the level of your nose so no more slipping of eyeglasses. Whether you are wearing it on the runway, movie set or on the streets, these flamboyant eyeglasses will make you look no less than a diva or a dapper.

Briggs series are not just normal and average round-lensed frames. These gender neutral eye pieces come in handy in Mesquite Tortoise and Layered Jet Black Crystal as these amazing colors will bring out your stylish look. The round frame eyeglasses blend with sculpted face front that will contour your look and persona. Considering the quality and durability, the screws are Akulon-coated that bestows the power to resist stress so that you can enjoy a long-lasting eyepiece, With pronounced end pieces, these round eyeglasses perfectly embellish the corner of your eyes and add a trace of feline spirit.

Layered Jet Black Crystal

Have you got any second thoughts? The design is cool and classic that will perfectly fit every sort of face shape. Moreover, the frame is available in wide width so those with broad shapes don’t have to look for something else.

Mesquite Tortoise

Mesquite Tortoise

With the combination of two heart-warming shades, the color is attention-grabbing. The tint of light Tortoise with the blend of dark adds a flattering trait to your persona. Ideal for both indoors and outdoors, these eyeglasses will ease you into the change. The round and transparent glasses with dark hue of frame will compliment the hidden traits of your face.

Layered Jet Black Crystal

Jet Black Crystal

Black enlightens your inner boldness, all without saying a word! From light to dark, Black compliment every hue. With transparent and round lenses, these dark eyeglasses will help you rock both retro and fashion forward style. Black is a classic, there is no word for it. Whether you are wearing it with a jumpsuit, long dress, denims or tee, they will definitely give a drop-dead gorgeous look.

Warby Parker - Mission & Vision

Warby Parker was founded in 2010 with a rebellious spirit and lofty objective. At that time, the eyewear industry was dominated by a single company for decades, so the founders Neil, Andrew, David, and Jeffrey, set out to revolutionize that. The intention was to make fashionable and quality eyewear within reach of everyone. Warby Parker was introduced as an alternative where stylish design frames including lenses start at $95. Through in-house designers and collaborations with celebrities, the frames fabricated with fine-details to make it functional yet chic. Producing lenses in-house and selling directly to the public helped reduce the middleman and brought savings to the consumer.

Buying Policies

Want to know what more can you expect? Uncover how reasonable Warby Parker’s designer eyeglasses are. The entire range of Briggs series are all available for $95, including polarized lenses. If you are looking for a budget-friendly purchase, choose 3 payments of $32 with Affirm and live with benefits offered by this outstanding brand.

With a 30-day, hassle-free return or exchange policy with every purchase, as well as a one-year no scratch guarantee for lenses, you can place your order without any second thought. As when you notice any scratch within the first 12 months of your purchase, you’ll get a free replacement. Incredible, isn’t it? That’s what Warby Parker is known for as the brand will always let you make right choices. Grab the amazing deal you wouldn’t want to miss for anything in the world! Shop with Warby Parker and save no regrets for later!


Briggs is not your average round-lensed frame. It blends a sculpted face front and keyhole bridge, plus pronounced end pieces with a trace of feline spirit.

  • Made from hand-polished cellulose acetate.
  • Akulon-coated screws for durability.


Like most eyewear brands, measurements for Warby Parker glasses can be found on the inside of the temple arm. There you’ll find lens width (51 mm), bridge (21 mm), and temple length (142 mm). If you already have a pair that you like, you can compare it to those measurements.

  • Frame width 138 mm: The horizontal diameter of the full frame width, and it’s the primary way we determine fit. (Note: You will not find this number on your glasses.)
  • Lens width 51 mm: The horizontal diameter of one lens.
  • Bridge 21 mm: The width of the bridge section.
  • Temple length 142 mm: The length of the entire temple arm, from the front of the frame to the tip.

Additional information


Layered Jet Black Crystal


Men / Unisex

Frame Width

138 mm

Lens Width

51 mm

Bridge Width

21 mm

Temple Length

142 mm