Brady Eyeglasses Warby Parker Review

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Brady Eyeglasses Review - Warby Parker - Sugar Maple - 53-17-145 - Men

Brady m eyeglasses in Sugar Maple
Brady m eyeglasses in Sugar Maple
Sugar Maple
Sugar Maple
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Brady Eyeglasses Review - Warby Parker - Sugar Maple - 53-17-145 - Men

Brady is available in medium width
If your face is average in size, which is the most common option, this frame should fit you well. Unsure of your size? Select a few different options in a free Home Try-On.

Color: Sugar Maple
Gender: Men / Unisex
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Brady's sleek lines land it right in the middle of a Venn diagram between sensible and stylish.

Brady Eyeglasses for Men and Women

The thrill of ogling with a new eyewear accessory is a novelty that rarely fades. Gone are days when eyeglasses were contemplated to be a failing vision corrector. Today, searching for the right pair of eyeglasses is really fun. With such a change in fashion trends, eyepieces are rising as a style statement. Warby Parker is not behind in the challenge of producing stylish and age long eye wears. The brand has amazed the customers with its latest edition, Brady eyeglasses that will give your persona a magical touch. These rectangular frames render an ultra-flattering finishing touch that will suit you everyday style.

Eyeglasses have come a long way, they are no longer a useless thing to hide. With time, the eye pieces have gained a stylish accent that can enhance your outfit or burnish your persona. Brady is definitely a mood lifter. Inspired from old-school charm and new world comfort, these rectangular eyeglasses by Warby Parker is a proven classic. Aesthetically, these frames are a fantasized version of art, which is in demand among many fashion influencers. Being a modern heirloom, the rectangular frames have always been an epitome of beauty and craftsmanship that won’t ever go out of fashion.

Brady Series

Like all real classics, Brady transcends the boundaries of time and style. These rectangular eyeglasses are artistically made from hand-polished Cellulose Acetate. The material is highly valued by Warby Parker as it is known for its durability and flexibility. First used for framing in late 40s, the eye pieces manufactured with Cellulose Acetate are lightweight, brawny and hypoallergenic at the same time. Being a plant-based source, the material is non-reactive to skin so those with any sort of allergy can wear it all day long. Ideal to rock them on just any outfit as the eye pair would never go out of style irrespective of change in season.

Brady is a vintage-inspired design carved by its long-lasting beauty. The masterful creation is perfect to flaunt your chic yet sophisticated look. With rectangular lenses, bold shape and slim temple arms, the eyeglasses will flawlessly highlight the contour of your face. The classic is fully rimmed, designed with a strong and thick bridge that sits comfortably on the level of your nose without slipping. Moreover, the screws fitted at the hinges of the eyeglasses feature Akulon Coating to get you the assurance of durability.

Brady m eyeglasses in Sugar Maple

With the rectangular silhouette, the sleek lines will let you land right in the middle of the venn diagram. Meaning, the style and design of Brady will make the wearer look between sensible and stylish. Available in three warm and spicy hues for both men and women, these eyeglasses are starting at an affordable price tag of $95.

Black Matte Eclipse

Black Matte Eclipse

Black Matte doesn’t need a tag! These bold and rectangular eyeglasses in Black Matte color will evoke a look of modern day glam. Black always matches your aesthetic! With transparent lens, dark and rectangular rimmed frame, these eyepieces are classic and distinct to add in your closet. Perfect to try with a light to dark outfit, the Black Matte Eclipse is available in wide and extra wide size.

Sugar Maple

Sugar Maple

The blend of Brownish Golden gives it a shimmery look. The light and shiny tine of two heart-warming colors make it a statement worthy eyeglasses. With the transparent lens and rectangular shape, the bold frame will make you look suave and chic in whatever outfit you dress in. The shade is available in medium, wide and extra wide size so you will definitely get a perfect fit.

Sea Glass Grey

Sea Glass Grey

Transparent and clear shades need no clarification! The shade of Grayish Silver color can be teamed up with anything from your wardrobe. With bold frame and colorless lenses, these frames are something you can carry all day long without feeling heavy. Available in different sizes, the color of the frame will maintain your cool quotient.

More about the brand

Warby Parker was founded with a rebellious spirit and lofty objective. At that time, the eyewear industry was dominated by a single company for decades, so the founders Neil, Andrew, David, and Jeffrey, set out to revolutionize that. The intention was to make fashionable and quality eyewear within reach of everyone. Warby Parker was introduced as an alternative where stylish design frames including lenses start at $95. Through in-house designers and collaborations with celebrities, the frames fabricated with fine-details to make it functional yet chic. Producing lenses in-house and selling directly to the public helped reduce the middleman and brought savings to the consumer.

Try Before Buying

Warby Parker’s designer eyeglasses can be a lavish gift item that will be appreciated all year long. When you shop with this amazing, you can be assured of the quality and price. Moreover, if you are buying it for you, seize the chance to select five of your favorite frames and try them for five days at the comfort of your home. Isn’t it amazing? Yeah, you can have all different eyeglasses to match your outfit.

Want to explore more beneficial deals? The brand has so much to please their customers. Broken and damaged lenses or frames are also taken care of by Warby Parker. The customer need not venture out of your house in quest for the perfect pair of eyeglasses. Get satisfied with a 30-day return or exchange policy. Plus, if you don’t trust the opinions of your friends and family and want expert advice, then why not ask Warby Parker for help? Post pictures with your demo frames on social media including Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, using #warbyhometryon and experts will attend to you in a flash!


Brady’s sleek lines land it right in the middle of a Venn diagram between sensible and stylish.

  • Made from hand-polished cellulose acetate.
  • Akulon-coated screws for durability.


Like most eyewear brands, measurements for Warby Parker glasses can be found on the inside of the temple arm. There you’ll find lens width (53 mm), bridge (17 mm), and temple length (145 mm). If you already have a pair that you like, you can compare it to those measurements.

  • Frame width 137 mm: The horizontal diameter of the full frame width, and it’s the primary way we determine fit. (Note: You will not find this number on your glasses.)
  • Lens width 53 mm: The horizontal diameter of one lens.
  • Bridge 17 mm: The width of the bridge section.
  • Temple length 145 mm: The length of the entire temple arm, from the front of the frame to the tip.

Additional information


Sugar Maple


Men / Unisex

Frame Width

137 mm

Lens Width

53 mm

Bridge Width

17 mm

Temple Length

145 mm