Warby Parker Makes a Difference

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What do you think happens when an innovative idea meets three brilliant, business grads? A million-dollar company? Now add a sense of philanthropy to that. And you get Warby Parker- a cool eyewear brand that not only stands for style but has disrupted the entire eyewear industry with its business ideology. Started with one simple need- to provide eyewear (including sunglasses) for people at a price more reasonable and competitive (than the current market), Warby Parker is a name that resonates with every millennial in America today.

The NY based brand specializes in making the trendiest eyewear at an affordable price, while simultaneously catering to the vision needs of lesser privileged communities. While their environment-friendly manufacturing practices with zero carbon usage, add a feather to their credibility cap, their highest social standards make them a true B Corp organisation. Warby Parker thrives on a simple philosophy – Buy a pair, give a pair, which essentially means that for every pair of their eyeglasses or sunglasses sold, one pair is donated to non-profit organisations to help the under-privileged with vision support.

Glasses in need are glasses indeed

Need- the one word that shaped the foundation of this multi-million-dollar business. As per Warby Parker’s research, about 703 million people in the world cannot access or afford the right eye glasses, which leads to inability to work effectively. To support this essential need, David Gilboa, Neil Blumenthal, Andy Hunt and Jeff Raider got together with the genius idea of setting up a new kind of eyewear company which will fulfil the needs of both classes and masses. The company is associated with Vision Springs- a non-profit organization that donates eyewear to those in need. Tallied with their monthly sales, Warby Parker donates eyeglasses to their non-profit partner, who in turn, trains individuals in developing countries to make a living by selling cheaper glasses within their communities. Now, that is truly killing two birds with a stone, by serving two causes with one business.

Of Art & Life

“Art is the journey of the free soul”. And to enable the free creative spirits of our generation, Warby Parker has gone one step ahead in their social responsibilities. The brand is known to collaborate with renowned names in the art fraternity to give a boost to budding artists. The organisation proudly and dedicatedly supports the Roger Rauschenberg Foundation’s Artist as Activist grant program. The Program offers research, travel, education and general support to aspiring artists and organisations, of all disciplines, who believe in social changes and making the world a better place.

Going forward with empowering artists, Warby Parker has also collaborated with Amanda De Cadenet- eminent fashion photographer and creative producer, to give a platform to female photographers who see the world through a different lens. The eyewear sensation supports the #Girlgaze – a multimedia digital community, initiated by Amanda to empower and celebrate talented women with an eye for detail, and thus even out the otherwise ‘women-shy’ photography industry. 

Another addition to their social responsibility profile is Warby Parker’s recent collaboration with Leith Clark- celebrated stylist, fashion editor and designer. This collaboration not only sports the most exquisite sunglasses and eye glasses by the brand, but is dedicated to supporting the UN Foundation’s campaign that teaches leadership skills to girls and raises awareness with life changing programs around the world.

Inspired by these collaborations, Warby Parker has introduced new collections of eyeglasses and sunglasses that will definitely steal your attention and your heart; a style accessory with a cause that you would be proud to own. From catering to community needs, to empowering women across the planet, these three genius men have come a long way in a mere span of seven years starting with the germ of a novel idea. 

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